About the FORUM

The FORUM is CNMN’s most important national networking activity. The meeting is a combination of presentations, demonstrations, professional development sessions, open discussion environments and networking opportunities.  It is designed to be of interest and of value to all members of the community – composers, performers, ensembles, producers, educators, improvisers, electronic musicians, orchestras….

Each FORUM has a specific theme, which helps bring focus to the sessions.  The main value of the FORUM, however, is providing an opportunity for the entire community to get together in person for 2 to 4 days and have in-depth discussions about issues around new music in Canada.

No amount of Facebook, Twitter, blogging or e-mail will ever replace person-to-person discussions. The FORUM has proven to be the ideal place to strengthen ties with people in the new music field from coast to coast to coast, to make connections, to hear new ideas, to find solutions to common problems, and to get new projects off the ground.

The FORUM is now a bi-annual activity, happening every 2 years in a different Canadian city.

FORUM 2007 – Winnipeg: New Music and Media: Getting the Message Out

FORUM 2008 – Toronto: Expanding the Boundaries: Programming New Music in an Age of Diversity

FORUM 2009 – Montréal: Audience Development, Creative Music and Education: Creating The Future

FORUM 2010 – Halifax: Partnering Diversity

FORUM 2012 – Vancouver: Connecting Practices, Geographies and Cultures

FORUM 2014 – Calgary: Canadian Music, Canadian Audiences

FORUM 2016 – Ottawa: New Music and the Mainstream

FORUM 2018 – Victoriaville & Montreal: Entr’arts / Between the Arts