Lis­ten up / Ten­dez l’or­eille, Forum 2021 online edi­tion com­bines a spir­it of activism with an inter­est in prac­tices out­side the con­cert hall and with increas­ing aware­ness of how to bring every­one, irre­spec­tive of abil­i­ty or capac­i­ty, into the new music and sound audi­ence and experience.

CNMN is delight­ed to launch its 14th Forum online, a ten-week cel­e­bra­tion of the cre­ative music and sound com­mu­ni­ty by shar­ing the fol­low­ing online:
  • 5 videos on Land, Access, Indige­nous, Inno­va­tion and Com­mu­ni­ty issues, with the voic­es and work of artis­tic leaders;
  • A show­case of 20+ short videos of cre­ative music and sound artists from across the coun­try and artis­tic practice;
  • 4 events pro­duced by pre­sen­ters from the heart of Cana­da on the Prairies.

  • Thematic videos

    Indigenous Resurgence


    CNMN is grate­ful for and inspired by the invig­o­ra­tion of its com­mu­ni­ty with the pres­ence of Indige­nous artists and cura­tors. They encour­age us to raise our aware­ness of lan­guage, cer­e­mo­ny, knowl­edge hold­ing and knowl­edge sharing. 

    • What does Indige­nous resur­gence mean to you? If you don’t agree with the term resur­gence, how would you reframe the theme of this conversation?
    • Does lan­guage and def­i­n­i­tion affect or effect your work?
    • Does men­tor­ship play a role in your work, if so, how?
    • What inspires you to create?

    These are the ques­tions keynote Bec­ca Tay­lor (Oci­ci­wan Col­lec­tive) asked of the pre­sen­ters who spoke to the Indige­nous Resur­gence theme: Astro­labe Musik The­atre (Del­phine Der­ick­son-Arm­strong and Heather Pawsey), Ian Cus­son, Geron­i­mo Inu­tiq and Sandy Scofield.

    0:00 Intro & in memo­ri­am… Mary Cecil, Vic­to­ria Cal­i­hoo (née Vel­court) and Eleanor Helen Thomas Gar­neau; Com­posed by : Post­com­mod­i­ty and Alex Water­man; Per­formed by: Malay Bish­op, Seth Car­di­nal, Cur­tis Left­hand, Jay­nine Lena McCrae, nêhiyawak (Math­ew Car­di­nal, Kris Harp­er, Marek Tyler), Oci­ci­wan, Ambr Paque­tt, Post­com­mod­i­ty, Jared Tail­feath­ers, Alex Water­man
    24:18 Del­phine Der­ick­son Arm­strong & Heather Pawsey
    37:39 Ian Cus­son
    42:55 Joan’s aria from Empire of Wild by Ian Cus­son, text by Cherie Mima­line, per­formed by Karen Slack
    48:48 Geron­i­mo Inu­tiq
    1:03:48 Nipiy (Water), George Finn Down & Keep­ing Secrets by Sandy Scofield


    Com­mu­ni­ty is at the core of our orga­ni­za­tion. Cana­di­an New Music Net­work pri­mar­i­ly exists for net­work­ing to improve com­mu­ni­ca­tion, under­stand­ing and knowl­edge with­in the new music and sound com­mu­ni­ty; and rep­re­sen­ta­tion, to do the same beyond our com­mu­ni­ty and with an ever-larg­er audi­ence. La com­mu­nauté est au cœur de notre organ­i­sa­tion. Le Réseau cana­di­en pour les musiques nou­velles existe en pre­mier lieu pour le réseau­tage, afin d’amélior­er la com­mu­ni­ca­tion, la com­préhen­sion et les con­nais­sances au sein de la com­mu­nauté des musiques nou­velles et du son; et pour la représen­ta­tion, pour faire de même au-delà de notre com­mu­nauté et auprès d’un pub­lic tou­jours plus large.

    0:00 Rebec­ca Caines
    7:02 Impro­vis­ing with Ipads/Improviser avec des Ipads — Was­cana Reha­bil­i­ta­tion Cen­ter
    11:25 ImprovEn­abled, Saskatchewan 2016
    19:25 “Mul­ti­play” Open Ears Fes­ti­val April 2021
    27:02 “Hol­i­day Mon­day” Wuhan Chi­na, 2016
    35:45 Elder Lor­na Stand­in­gready, from/de “215 Begin­nings” 2021
    36:30 Louise Camp­bell
    43:40 PCM Hub: Sto­ries of Care/Louise Campbell/Bradyworks
    44:38 PCM Hub: Jodi Proznick, The Lan­guage of Emo­tion in Music
    46:25 PCM Hub: Ruth Elia­son, The Beat of the Heart
    47:20 PCM Hub: Steve Wright, Across the Lines
    49:40 Gior­gio Magnanensi

    Keynote: Rebec­ca Caines

    Pre­sen­ters: Louise Camp­bell, Gior­gio Mag­na­nen­si, PCM Hub

    Also avail­able: a video about Rox­anne Tur­cotte’s com­mu­ni­ty work, Les Oiseaux de Nias!


    CNMN is com­mit­ted to a diverse and inclu­sive nation­al new music com­mu­ni­ty. Diver­si­ty and acces­si­bil­i­ty in all their forms are a guid­ing fac­tor in achiev­ing its goals.

    • When we think of increas­ing acces­si­bil­i­ty – that inher­ent­ly involves acknowl­edg­ing or rec­og­niz­ing exist­ing bar­ri­ers – what exist­ing bar­ri­er have you rec­og­nized? Whether in your work, in your com­mu­ni­ty, in your orga­ni­za­tion, in your discipline.
    • What com­mu­ni­ty or cul­tures, peo­ple, expe­ri­ences, are you per­son­al­ly real­ly excit­ed to increase access with?
    • Is there a place or an expe­ri­ence that you feel like you are not able to access? If so, what would have to change to make that place or expe­ri­ence more acces­si­ble for you?


    These are the prompts keynote Col Cseke Col Cseke (Good Host) asked the pre­sen­ters who spoke to the Access theme: Chelsea Jones, Julie Richard, Ellen Water­man

    0:00 Col Cseke
    4:18 Chelsea Jones
    20:34 Julie Richard
    39:04 Ellen Waterman

    Innovation • Technology 

    CNM­N’s activ­i­ties reflect our belief and enthu­si­asm for the val­ue and ben­e­fits of new music for both indi­vid­u­als and com­mu­ni­ties as a means of expres­sion and lis­ten­ing. Our mem­bers ded­i­cate them­selves in a vibrant range of musi­cal and/or son­ic practices.

    • Who was the first non-human you came to know?
    • What is unknow­able in your practice?
    • Where do your com­po­si­tions come from?
    • How do you define listening?
    • Are all things heard, audible?

    These are the ques­tions sub­mit­ted by keynote Suzanne Kite to the pre­sen­ters who spoke to the Tech­nol­o­gy-Inno­va­tion theme: Amy Bran­donTere­sa Con­norsHel­ga Jakob­sonAnnie Mar­tin

    0:00 Suzanne Kite
    2:05 Amy Bran­don
    15:12 Tere­sa Con­nors
    19:22 Hel­ga Jakob­son
    28:35 Annie Martin


    CNMN is com­mit­ted to fac­ing cli­mate change through edu­cat­ing and empow­er­ing its mem­bers to embed envi­ron­men­tal sus­tain­abil­i­ty into all aspects of new music pro­duc­tion and dissemination.

    Dis­cov­er the con­tri­bu­tion from our guest pre­sen­ters who spoke on the Land theme: Tanya Kalmanovitch, Heather Peat Hamm, Tina Pear­son, Jen­ni Schine

  • Events by Prairie Presenters

    October 6, 2021 — Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition

    Revis­it our pre-Forum event dur­ing the Eck­hardt-Gra­mat­té Com­pe­ti­tion, where Métis com­pos­er Ian Cus­son dis­cussed his com­mis­sioned com­pe­ti­tion work La Pieta (after Monkman), and Indige­nous Clas­si­cal Music Resur­gence in Canada.

    October 20, 2021 — New Music Edmonton

    New Music Edmonton’s con­tri­bu­tion to CNMN’s Forum is a new­ly com­mis­sioned pro­gram of sound works curat­ed by Matthew Car­di­nal. A key fig­ure in the Prairies and beyond, Matthew Car­di­nal is well known for his solo work, myr­i­ad col­lab­o­ra­tive projects, and photography.

    This orig­i­nal work is aired in the con­text of a spe­cial­ly pro­duced episode of The No Nor­mal, New Music Edmonton’s podcast/radio show. Enti­tled Calm, this episode brings togeth­er three new­ly cre­at­ed works by a stel­lar col­lec­tive of artists: Eliza Nie­miSte­fana Frati­la, and Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ (Sarah HouleShane Ghost­keep­er & Brad Hawkins).

    Lis­ten to the episode:

    November 2, 2021 — New Works Calgary & National Music Centre

    The Nation­al Music Cen­tre and New Works Cal­gary present Stingray Clas­si­cal Artist in Res­i­dence: Sarah Davachi. Tune in from Novem­ber 2 at 10am (MDT) on NMC’s Face­book page to access the three-part vir­tu­al stream.

    In the Sum­mer of 2021, Cana­di­an elec­troa­coustic com­pos­er and musi­cian Sarah Davachi spent a week as the Nation­al Music Cen­tre’s Stingray Clas­si­cal Artist in Res­i­dence. This per­for­mance is what result­ed from her exper­i­men­ta­tion with sev­er­al his­toric pieces from the NMC’s musi­cal instru­ment collection. 

    Watch Instru­men­tal I, Instru­men­tal II & Instru­men­tal III !

    November 17, 2021 — Holophon Audio Arts

    Holophon Audio Arts presents Prairie Elec­tron­ics: per­for­mances by Doreen Girard and WL Alt­man, with Jon Vaughn and respect­ful­child per­form­ing togeth­er for a one-of-a-kind improvisation.

    Watch the per­for­mance that was live streamed at 8 pm EST on Novem­ber 17, 2021!

  • Social Media Showcase

  • Acknowledgments

    CNMN is grate­ful for the col­lab­o­ra­tion and sup­port of the many peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tions that made this Forum possible. 

    This includes the Forum team: fixed con­tent pro­duc­er, Jeff Mor­ton; com­mu­ni­ca­tions, Aurore Blonde­lot; graph­ics, Mari­ah Meawasige; admin­is­tra­tion assis­tant, Suzu Enns; exec­u­tive direc­tor, Ter­ri Hron. Thanks to all board mem­bers and com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers who worked hard to make this a reality.

    Forum would not be pos­si­ble with­out the fol­low­ing fun­ders and presenters: