FORUM 2018

FORUM 2018: Entr’arts / Between the Arts

May 17 & 18, 2018 – Victoriaville

May 19 & 20, 2018 – Montreal

Canadian New Music Network presents this 8th edition in collaboration with the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV), the Department of Music at Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Groupe Le Vivier.

Inter-arts is the theme: migrating across and between practices

Concerts are produced that combine music with all kinds of other expressions; artists of all stripes create in areas outside their training; music is paired with non-artistic disciplines. Specialization and solitary creative practice are shifting towards enthusiasm for collaborative creation and the transfers from one medium and artist to another. Come explore the possibilities and and issues – in Victoriaville, in Montréal, and in the spaces (and the buses) between.

FORUM 2018 runs parallel to Groupe Le Vivier’s international New Music Cartel meeting, which brings together new music presenters from Europe, Canada and the United States: a unique networking opportunity. What’s more, you’ll hear amazing concerts at FIMAV and in Montreal.

FORUM Activities

FORUM 2018’s keynote speakers are Heiner Goebbels and Isabelle Van Grimde.

More than 30 other speakers and panelists have been invited to present their work and ideas in panel discussions, demo-presentations and personal portraits.

Lunches, coffee breaks and the FORUM dinner, as well as the bus rides to and from Victoriaville offer participants the opportunity for networking and further discussion.

There are flash sessions where artists can meet with presenters and funding organizations.

International networking is made possible since FORUM 2018 runs parallel to Groupe Le Vivier’s International Music Meeting with Cartel, a group of presenters from Canada, Europe and the US.

Participants are invited to evening concerts at FIMAV (see below) and Concordia University.

Take a look at the schedule

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Participants may register for the full FORUM (recommended), or the Victoriaville or Montreal portions.

Included in the registration:

  • Bus travel from Montreal (pick-up 9:30, May 17th at Le Nouvel Hotel & Spa) to Victoriaville and from Victoriaville (pick-up 9:30, May 19th at Hotel Le Victorin) to Montreal
  • Lunches and FORUM dinner (Victoriaville) and coffee breaks (Montreal)

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Collaboration with FIMAV

A special feature of  FORUM 2018 is our attendance at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV).

Participants benefit from an advantageous package with Hotel Le Victorin that includes two tickets each night for FIMAV shows.

Check out their incredible line-up for May 17th and 18th

More information on hotel rates here

Should you be there? Yes!

This will be CNMN’s eighth national FORUM, and each one is a valuable opportunity to connect face to face with people from across this great big land who believe in the value of the new music experience and seek to promote this value across Canada: artistic directors, performers, improvisers, composers, educators, presenters, researchers, arts administrators, artist managers, producers, publishers, music lovers and more….Everybody is welcome!

We are eagerly anticipating our upcoming FORUM, Canada’s premiere new music networking event held biennially in a different city each time and featuring a fascinating combination of activities. Registration is reduced for CNMN members – even cheaper than the non-member registration fee with the cost of CNMN membership factored in. We aim to attract as many members of the national new music community as possible – please tell everyone you know about it!

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If you would like to volunteer or help in any way, or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.




Subject to change without prior notification (March 14, 2018)

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    Full FORUM Registration includes: bus transportation Montreal-Victoriaville at 9:30, Thursday, May 17th and Victoriaville-Montreal at 9:30, Saturday, May 19th, buffet lunches on Thursday, May 17th and Friday, May 18th, the FORUM dinner cocktail on Friday, May 18th in Victoriaville and free admission to the concert on Saturday night in Montreal. The special FORUM hotel rate in Victoriaville includes 2 FIMAV concerts each night.

    FORUM – Victoriaville Only

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    Victoriaville Only Registration includes: bus transportation Montreal-Victoriaville at 9:30, Thursday, May 17th and Victoriaville-Montreal at 9:30, Saturday, May 19th, buffet lunches on Thursday, May 17th and Friday, May 18th, the FORUM dinner cocktail on Friday, May 18th in Victoriaville. The special FORUM hotel rate in Victoriaville includes 2 FIMAV concerts each night.

    FORUM – Montreal Only

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    Montreal Only Registration includes admission to the concert on Saturday night.
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    Bus transportation Montréal–Victoriaville–Montréal

    Registration for the full FORUM and the Victoriaville portion includes travel by chartered bus from Montreal (pickup Le Nouvel Hotel & Spa ca. 9:30 am) to Victoriaville on May 17th and from Victoriaville (pickup Hotel Le Victorin ca. 9:30 am) to Montreal on May 19th. Pickup details are subject to change. You will receive updated information

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  • FORUM 2018 – Locations & Schedule

    Please note that these times and locations are still subject to change!


    Hotel Le Victorin (Victoriaville) 19 Boulevard Arthabaska Est,
    Victoriaville, QC G6T 0S4
    FIMAV venues (Victoriaville) see FIMAV for latest update
    Le Nouvel Hotel and Spa (Montreal)  1740 René-Lévesque Blvd W
    Montreal, QC H3H 1R3
    Salle J.A. De Seve (Concordia University) 1400 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O,
    Montréal, QC H3G 1M8
    Department of Music (Concordia University) 1450 Guy St. MB Building, 8th floor,
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3H 0A1
    Black Box Dance Studio (Concordia University) 1450 Guy St. MB Building, 7th floor – MB 7.265,
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3H 0A1
    MGN Building
    GN-M-100 (Concordia University)
    Entrance: 1175 Rue Saint Mathieu, Montréal, QC H3H 2P7


    Thursday, May 17

    All activities except evening meal and concerts are at Le Victorin Hotel

    9:30 AM Le Nouvel Hotel and Spa Bus to Victoriaville
    12:30 PM Hotel Le Victorin hotel check-in & FORUM registration
    1:00 PM Dining Room Networking Lunch
    2:00 PM Salle Arthabaska Welcome (Jennifer Waring, Juliet Palmer & Terri Hron)
    2:15 PM Salle Arthabaska Discussion #1: WHY
    Sandeep Bhagwati
    Elke Moltrecht
    Will Robinson
    Isabella Stefanescu
    Moderator: Ruth Howard
    3:15 PM Victoria C Portraits & Presentations #1
    Luke Nickel
    na Kamu
    Marcelle Hudon
    Victoria D Discussion #2: ENSEMBLE
    Linda Bouchard
    Guillaume Campion
    Guillaume Côté
    L’Orchestre des hommes orchestres
    Patrick Saint-Denis
    Moderator: Sandeep Bhagwati
    4:10 PM Hall Victoria Café Networking
    4:30 PM Salle Arthabaska Portraits & Presentations #2
    Gabriel Dharmoo
    Evelin Ramón
    Lou Sheppard
    5:30 PM Hotel Le Victorin Bus to centre, dinner (not included)
    6:45 PM Carré 150 FIMAV Opening Cocktail
    8:00 PM Colisée Desjardins FIMAV Concert 1
    10:00 PM FIMAV Concert 2
    11:30 PM Bus to Hôtel Le Victorin
    12:00 AM FIMAV Concert 3 (optional – not included in Hotel package)
    1:30 AM Bus to Hôtel Le Victorin

    Friday, May 18

    All activities except evening concerts are at Le Victorin Hotel

    8:30 AM outside Hotel Le Victorin Activity: New Hermitage Soundwalk
    9:30 PM Salle Arthabaska Workshop: Mapping Community Music Across Canada
    10:15 PM Keynote: Heiner Goebbels
    11:00 PM Hall Victoria Café Networking
    11:30 PM Victoria C Portraits & Presentations #3
    Patrick Saint-Denis
    L’Orchestre d’hommes orchestres
    William Robinson
    Matthias Engler
    Victoria D Portraits & Presentations #4
    Christopher Willes
    Inter Arts Matrix – Isabella Stefanescu
    Niilo Tarnanen
    Guillaume Côté/Guillaume Campion
    1:00 PM Dining Hall Networking Lunch
    2:00 PM Victoria C Portraits & Presentations #5
    Jumblies Theatre – Ruth Howard
    Anne Goldenberg
    Andrew Balfour
    Victoria D Portraits & Presentations #6
    Kiran Bhumber/JP Carter
    Academy of the Arts of the World – Elke Moltrecht
    Megumi Masaki
    3:00 PM Salle Arthabaska Discussion #3: CULTURES
    Andrew Balfour
    Gabriel Dharmoo
    Cléo Palacio-Quintin
    Lou Sheppard
    Lan Tung
    Moderator: Jerry Pergolesi
    3:50 PM Hall Victoria Café Networking
    4:10 PM Salle Arthabaska Discussion #4: BETWEEN THE ARTS, BETWEEN PEOPLE
    Peter Burton
    David Dacks
    François Paris
    Elke Moltrecht

    Lauren Pratt
    Thørbjørn Thonder Hansen
    Du Yun
    Moderator: Pierrette Gingras
    5:30 PM Hall Victoria FORUM Dinner
    7:15 PM Hôtel Le Victorin Bus to FIMAV venue
    8:00 PM St-Christophe-d’Arthabaska Church FIMAV Concert 1
    9:15  Bus to FIMAV venue
    10:00 PM Colisée Desjardins FIMAV Concert 2
    11:30 PM Bus to Hôtel Le Victorin
    12:00 AM FIMAV Concert 3 (optional – not included in Hotel package)
    1:30 AM Bus to Hôtel Le Victorin

    Saturday, May 19

    9:30 AM Hotel Le Victorin Bus to Montreal
    12:00 PM Le Nouvel Hotel and Spa hotel check-in, lunch (not included)
    1:30 PM De Seve Theatre Foyer Meetings with funders (sign-up sheets at registration desk)
    2:00 PM De Seve Theatre Keynote: Isabelle van Grimde
    3:00 PM MB 8th Floor Common Area Café Networking
    3:30 PM MB 8th Floor 101 Portraits & Presentations #7
    Lan Tung
    Roozbeh Tabandeh
    Linda Bouchard
    MB 8th Floor 135 Discussion #5: SOLO
    Marcelle Hudon
    Ona Kamu

    Megumi Masaki
    Jacques Poulin-Denis
    Moderator: Juliet Palmer
    4:20 PM MB 8th Floor Common Area Café Networking
    4:45 PM De Seve Theatre Portraits & Presentations #8
    Contemporary Indigenous Scene – Émilie Monnet
    Katelyn Clark
    Jacques Poulin-Denis
    Mykalle Bielinski
    6:00 PM MB 8th Floor Common Area Meetings with presenters (sign-up sheets at registration desk)
    dinner (not included)
    8:00 PM MB 7.265 Dance Black Box Student Interarts Concert
    Alexis Langevin-Tétrault
    Jullian Hoff & Charlotte Layec
    Felix Del Tredici
    Charlotte Layec, Pierre-Luc Lecours & Myriam Boucher
    10:00 PM TBA Post-concert Networking

    Sunday, May 20

    8:30 AM location TBA Soundwalk: New Hermitage
    10:00 AM GN-M-100 Workshop: Mapping Community Music Across Canada
    10:45 AM Café Networking
    11:00 AM Discussion #6: COMMUNITY
    Ruth Howard (Jumblies Theatre)
    Émilie Monnet (Indigenous Contemporary Scene)
    Luke Nickel (Cluster Festival)
    Niilo Tarnanen (Korvat Auki)
    Christopher Willes (Public Recordings)
    Matthias Engler (Ensemble Adapter)
    Moderator: Jerry Pergolesi
    11:50 AM Café Networking
    12:10 PM Plenary Session
    1:00 PM End of FORUM


    More details about discussions & activities

  • FORUM 2018 – Featured Guests

    Keynote Speakers

    HeinerGoebbels German composer and director Heiner Goebbels, will deliver the first keynote address in Victoriaville. Professor Goebbels belongs to the most important exponents of the contemporary music and theatre scene. In addition to compositions for large orchestra, he created several prize-winning radio plays, staged concerts, installations and since the early 90’s also music theatre works, which are produced at the most important theatre- and music festivals worldwide.

    IsabelleVanGrimde Prize-winning Montreal-based choreographer, researcher and interdisciplinary collaborator, Isabelle Van Grimde will present a keynote in Montreal. Her work is characterized by the quality of dialogue between the musical and dance elements, which often integrate many new technologies. She regularly takes her work beyond the concert stage into galleries, public spaces and on the web. Photo Michael Slobodian.

    Canadian Guests

    More photos and links coming shortly!

    Andrew BalfourOf Cree descent, Winnipeg based composer Andrew Balfour is an innovative composer/conductor/singer/sound designer with a large body of choral, instrumental, electro-acoustic and orchestral works. Andrew is also the founder and Artistic Director of the adventurous vocal group Camerata Nova, now in its 22nd year, that specializes in new works, arrangements and audacious inter-genre and interdisciplinary collaborations.

    sandeep bhagwatiSandeep Bhagwati Indian-German-Canadian composer of mostly stage, chamber and multimedia works that are routinely being performed worldwide; he is also active as a conductor, theatre director, university researcher, curator, performer, visual artist and writer. His current research-creation centers on comprovisation, inter-traditional aesthetics, the aesthetics of interdisciplinarity, gestural theatre, sonic theatre and interactive visual and non-visual scores. Since 2007, he directs the matralab, a lab for research-creation in inter-x performing arts at Concordia University Montréal.

    Mykalle BielinskiMykalle Bielinski is dedicated to singing, music composition, poetry and scenic writting. Her work consists of multidisciplinary performances (GloriaMythes intérieurs), where the voice leads the way to the sacred, interwined with philosophy and technology. As a composer and an actress, she collaborates with several directors for theatre and dance.

    Kiran BhumberKiran Bhumber is a media artist, composer, experiential designer and performer based in Vancouver, Canada. Kiran constructs interactive installations and performance systems engaging in themes relating to cultural memory, embodiment and nostalgia. She has performed and presented her works around the world and is currently completing an MA in Media Arts at the University of Michigan.

    LindaBouchardLinda Bouchard is a composer, orchestrator, conductor, teacher, and producer. Based in San Francisco since 1997, Linda has continued to be active on the Canadian music scene. For the last ten years, she has been exploring the intersection of traditional artistic practices and new technologies through collaboration with dance, live video, text, written music, and improvised music. Her latest works — All Caps No Space and Identity Theft — are windows into politically charged subjects.

    LouiseCampbellMontreal-based Louise Campbells hats range from clarinettist to conductor, community arts facilitator to musicians’ health therapist. As a performer, improviser and composer, Louise interrogates and renews the ways we make music by creating new works with everyone, regardless of age, ability, or prior experience. She has toured improvised and composed musics across Canada, the US, France, Germany, and Brazil.
    Guillaume_CampionGuillaume Campion is a composer and sound artist. Bringing music, speech and field recordings together, his works are at the crossroads of electroacoustic music and sonic documentary. He is the co-founder of Trames, a company dedicated to digital audio creation and the democratization of sound art.

    JP CarterJP Carter (Destroyer, Fond of Tigers, Inhabitants) is a Juno award-winning musician from Vancouver, Canada. Carter’s singular approach to the trumpet and versatility as an improvisor and composer make him a vital contributor to the Vancouver music community. JP incorporates a variety of techniques into his trumpet playing, utilizing and experimenting with acoustic (traditional, extended) and electronic (effected, amplified) methods to create a wide spectrum of sound.

    katelyn clarkKatelyn Clark is a musician who specializes in early and experimental repertoire on historical keyboard instruments. She works through informed playing, improvisation, and innovative performance practice on the pianoforte, organetto, and harpsichord.

    Guillaume_CoteInfluenced by his surroundings, the electroacoustic composer Guillaume Côté explores the territorial, linguistic and social dynamics in Quebec through a mix of concrete, synthetic and vocal materials. His eclectic artistic research resides not only on a meeting with the other through musical discourse that aims to be narrative or informative, but also on the abstraction brought on through modular systems.

    Gabriel DharmooGabriel Dharmoo is a composer, vocalist, improviser and researcher. His works have been performed in Canada, the U.S.A, Europe, Australia, Singapore and South Africa. He was awarded the Canada Council for the Arts Jules Léger Prize (2017) and Robert Fleming Prize (2011), the MusCan Student Composer Competition (2017), the Prix d’Europe composition prize (2011), as well as awards from the SOCAN. Photo Caroline Tabah

    GoldjianGoldjian is a feminist transdisciplinary researcher hacktivist and earthian artist who likes to make visible, readable and malleable the processes of co-construction of knowledge. They introduces relational practices between humans, earth, technologies and creates intimate spaces for mutual learning and process deepening.

    Ruth HowardRuth Howard is the founding Artistic Director of Toronto-based Jumblies Theatre, which makes art with, for and about diverse people and places. She has created a series of multi-year residencies resulting in large-scale performances and lasting legacies, and many other projects that combine visual imagery, performance, music, movement, oral history and community arts practice.

    Marcelle Hudon, Photo- Andy CatlynMarcelle Hudon is a puppeteer. She is interested in the symbolic power of the manipulator and the object. A shadow theater and live video specialist, she works with artist in new music, writing, theater, dance and visual arts to compose her performances and installations.

    Megumi Masaki photo Anna MurrayPianist Megumi Masaki is dedicated to performing and creating interactive multimedia works integrating sound, image, text, movement and technology in collaboration with artistic innovators. Megumi has premiered over 80 works across Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. Megumi is Professor of Piano, New Music Ensemble and Festival director at Brandon University. Photo Anna Murray

    emilie monnet_credit meena murugesanIntegrating theatre, performance art and technology, Émilie Monnet’s artistic practice revolves around questions of identity, memory, history and transformation. Her performances draw on the symbolic of dreams and mythology—personal and collective—to tell stories that question today’s world. She is the founder of Indigenous Contemporary Scene (ICS), a critical and artistic manifestation of Indigenous live-arts. A new edition of ISC will be presented in Montréal in June 2018. Émilie’s heritage is Anishnaabe and French, and she lives in Montreal. Photo Meena Murugesan

    New HermitageNew Hermitage is a collection Halifax improvisers who can list Jerry Granelli, the Upstream Orchestra, Gypsophilia, and Symphony Nova Scotia on their resumes. Their music is an expression of tenderness, joy, sorrow, and mindfulness; it is a plea to slow down and gather awareness of space and time.

    Luke NickelLuke Nickel is an award-winning Manitoban artist and researcher currently residing in Bristol, UK. His work investigates notions of memory, collaboration, and musical borrowing. He has worked with ensembles such as EXAUDI, the Bozzini Quartet, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Luke also currently co-directs the Cluster: New Music + Integrated Arts Festival in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

    ODHOL’orchestre d’hommes-orchestres is a collective of undisciplined artist founded in Québec City in 2002. Unclassifiable, on the boundaries of several artistic disciplines, the ODHO defines itself as a permanent work in progress in the living arts. Photo Jacynthe Carrier

    Cléo PQConstantly seeking new means of expression and eager to create, the flutist-improviser-composer Cléo Palacio-Quintin (1971) takes part in many premieres as well as improvisational multidisciplinary performances, and composes instrumental and electro-acoustic music for various ensembles and media works. Since 1999, she has developing hyper-flutes.She is the first women to own a Doctorate in Electro-Acoustic Composition from the Université de Montréal (2012).

    Jerry PergolesiJerry Pergolesi is the founding artistic director and percussionist for Contact Contemporary Music in Toronto and a founding member of the Queer Percussion Research Group. Jerry also created the experimental music festival Intersection and Music From Scratch, a music creation workshop for excluded youth.

    Jacques Poulin-Denis ©Hugo B. LefortJacques Poulin-Denis is a composer, choreographer, director and performer. Undertaking projects that blur the boundaries between dance, music and theater, he creates humanistic and uncanny works that are both sensorial and thought provoking. To gently knock the spectator off center, he puts forth the strength within the vulnerability of the characters he brings to life. Photo Hugo B. Lefort

    EvelinRamonOriginally from Cuba, Evelin Ramón obtained a Masters in Composition at the Université de Montréal, studying with Ana Sokolovic, and is continuing her doctoral studies there under the direction of Pierre Michaud. She also studied in Havana with the Cuban composers Juan Piñera and Louis Aguirre. Her professional work includes performance, improvisation, composition and teaching.

    William RobinsonWilliam Robinson is a multidisciplinary artist that creates installations combining sculpture, sound, video, performance, musical composition and printed matter. Influenced and directed by his interest in sound, performance art, musicology, architecture and metallurgy, Robinson engages collaborative and poetic processes that divulge the unexpected logic, design and history of specific sites and locations.

    lou sheppardLou Sheppard is Canadian artist working in video, audio and installation practices. Of settler ancestry, Sheppard was raised on unceded Mi’Kmaq territory, and currently lives in K’jiputuk (Halifax.) Sheppard was a participant in the first Antarctic Biennale, the Antarctic Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, and was selected for the 2017 Emerging Atlantic Artist Award. Photo Rita Taylor, Banff Centre, 2017

    Patrick SaintDenisPatrick Saint-Denis is a composer working mainly in sound art and interactive scenography. His works range from video installation to large scale robotized machinery. He performs regularly in Montreal and abroad either in concert, exhibition or dance format. He his course lecturer of audiovisual composition and physical computing at University of Montreal since 2010.

    Isabella_StefanescuIsabella Stefanescu is an interdisciplinary artist, director, and producer based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Originally from Romania, Stefanescu immigrated to Canada and continued her education in mathematics and fine arts at the University of Waterloo. In collaboration with machine designer Klaus Engel, Isabella Stefanescu created the Euphonopen, an interface for the live performance of drawing. The Euphonopen maps the hand movements of the person who draws to sound, and has been used to create several interdisciplinary/new music performances, a chamber opera, and installations with user created content. Stefanescu is a recipient of the Ontario Arts Council K.M. Hunter Artist Award for interdisciplinary art. Currently she is the artistic director of Inter Arts Matrix, an organization dedicated to the production of interdisciplinary works of art.

    Roozbeh TabandehRoozbeh Tabandeh is an Iranian musician and architect. Having a Master’s degree in architecture, he is also known as a composer, conductor, violinist and Iranian Santur player. He studied music composition at Concordia University under the supervision of Sandeep Bhagwati and Georges Dimitrov and extended his violin technique by Clemens Merkel. Before that, he studied performance, music composition and conducting with some of the most well-known Iranian musicians.

    Lan TungErhu performer, composer, improviser, vocalist, and producer, Lan Tung is the artistic director of Sound of Dragon Music Festival, Orchid Ensemble, and Proliferasian, and performs with numerous cross-cultural projects in the New Music and World Music scenes. Originally from Taiwan, her works often encompass unexpected combinations of elements from different genres.

    Christopher WillesChristopher Willes is an interdisciplinary artist, composer, and dramaturg based in Toronto. He makes performances, music, exhibitions, publications, curatorial projects, and often works in contemporary dance contexts. He is an associate artist with the Toronto collective Public Recordings. Christopher received an MFA in music/sound from Bard College (NY, USA), studied music at the University of Toronto, Dance Dramaturgy at Dancemakers Centre For Creation, and was a 2016 MacDowell Colony Fellow (NH, USA). Photo Emma Jones

    Gayle YoungGayle Young has designed instruments and sound installations as well as composing for orchestral and electronic instruments. Visual artists have invited her to provide sound for gallery exhibitions in which she integrated her work in tuning and soundscape in a cross-disciplinary context. She has written extensively about sound innovation, writing the biography of Hugh Le Caine and editing  Musicworks for many years.

    International Guests

    MatthiasEnglerMatthias Engler is co-founder, general manager and percussionist of Berlin based ‘Ensemble Adapter’ and has specialized in contemporary chamber music practices since 2004. Next to performing as a soloist, ensemble player and guest musician in various contexts his special expertise lies in continuously creating and producing new music formats.

    Ona KamuOna Kamu (Finland) has several titles; singer, musician, composer, actor, performance artist, artistic director of Ona Kamu Collective, music producer and head of her own record label Pakara Records. Ona is the epitome of the uncategorized.  Just like her art, her work is ambitious, relentless and follows her own paths.

    B10DElke Moltrecht (Germany) is a musicologist, curator and initiator of international and interdisciplinary festivals and annual programs that link forms of music through uncommon thematic associations. She publishes journal articles about experimental and contemporary music and has been a member of noted national and international juries and boards. Since March 2014, she has been Executive Director of the Academy of the Arts of the World in Köln.

    Niilo TarnanenNiilo Tarnanen (Finland) is a Finnish composer, music theory teacher, bassoonist, and the chairperson of the young composers’ association Korvat auki. Alumnus of Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Tarnanen’s recent focuses include games and flow charts as form, harmony inspired by psychoacoustics and phonetics, and everyday sounds. Photo Arto Rusanen



    Check back here, the list keeps growing. (Subject to change without prior notification – February 28, 2018).

  • FORUM 2018 – Discussions & Activities


    Soundwalk: New Hermitage

    New Hermitage will be presenting is a silent sound walk in the area surrounding the forum and with stops for three music interludes. Every piece will begin with listening in space before patiently and deliberately continuing on to material that develops from the environmental timbres around the group. Through our performance we hope to blur the lines between sound meditation, concert, and everyday life. With mobilization, dissolution, and reuniting of the ensemble, this format also questions the divide between performer and audience. Our presentation is a way of sharing the fundamental mindfulness practice that fuels our musical creation.

    Workshop: Mapping Community Music across Canada

    Community Music, musics made with and by members of the public, is a grassroots movement gaining momentum around the world. Practitioners develop strategies unique to their own interests and talents that respond best to people with whom they are working, producing a multiplicity of techniques and approaches. To fully understand current Community Music practices throughout the country, we seek to know what is going on – with whom, what and how Community Music is being made. This introduction and workshop proposes a mapping exercise and subsequent knowledge exchange activity to gain an understanding of current Community Music practices in Canada and beyond.


    Discussion #1: WHY

    Why is inter-arts practice on the rise in the new music community?

    To open FORUM 2018, a discussion of interdisciplinarity from broad sociological, historical and cultural perspectives that also touches upon the role of new technologies

    • Sandeep Bhagwati
    • Anne Goldenberg
    • Elke Moltrecht (Academy of the Arts of the World)
    • Will Robinson
    • Isabella Stefanescu (Inter Arts Martix)

    Moderator: Ruth Howard

    Discussion #2: ENSEMBLE

    What are the essentials of a practice between the arts? What leads to success and how to build meaningful and fruitful works together?

    A discussion of the practical aspects of programming and performing interdisciplinary and collectively created works.

    • Linda Bouchard
    • L’Orchestre des hommes orchestres (2 representatives)
    • Patrick Saint-Denis

    Moderator: Sandeep Bhagwati

    Discussion #3: CULTURES

    Are inter-arts practices particularly suited to cross-cultural dialogue, and what kind of difficulties do they set up?

    A discussion about crossing and celebrating cutures and disciplines.

    • Andrew Balfour
    • Gabriel Dharmoo
    • Evelin Ramon
    • Lou Sheppard
    • Lan Tung

    Moderator: Gayle Young

    Discussion #4: INTERNATIONAL

    This discussion will be curated by Pierrette Gingras of Groupe Le Vivier, from members of New Music Cartel, who will also be holding their annual meeting parallel to the FORUM. New Music Cartel is a group of 35+ producers/presenters from Canada, Europe and the USA.

    More details soon!

    Discussion #5: SOLO

    In a culture that advocates increasing specialization, how to flourish as an artist between disciplines that require such multiple skills and knowledge?

    A discussion with a range of independent and polyvalent artists.

    • Marcelle Hudon
    • Ona Kamu
    • Megumi Masaki
    • Jacques Poulin-Denis

    Moderator: Juliet Palmer

    Discussion #6: COMMUNITY

    What are the strategies and benefits of inter-arts projects in creating greater connections with our audiences and communities?

    A discussion with artists and presenters deeply embedded and invested in community practice.

    • Ruth Howard (Jumblies Theatre)
    • Émilie Monnet (Indigenous Contemporary Scene)
    • Luke Nickel (Cluster Festival)
    • Niilo Tarnanen (Korvat Auki)
    • Christopher Willes (Public Recordings)
    • Matthias Engler (Ensemble Adapter)

    Moderator: Jerry Pergolesi



  • FORUM 2018 – Hotel Packages and Group Rate

    Victoriaville – FIMAV Package


    FIMAV and Hotel Le Victorin have partnered to offer FORUM 2018 participants a very advantageous package:

    • 150$ (plus tax): single occupancy
    • 94$ (plus tax): double occupancy

    Package includes:

    • Accommodation for 1 night
    • Breakfast
    • FIMAV Concert at 8 pm
    • FIMAV Concert at 10 pm
    • Access to all amenities
    • Service fee

    How To Book

    Once you have registered, you will be sent a special code, which you will mention when calling the hotel at 1-866-969-0533 ext. 1. Please note that there will be no online bookings to benefit from this group rate.



    CNMN benefits from Concordia University’s special rates at these hotels.

    The pick-up and dropoff point for the Victoriaville bus will be Le Nouvel Hotel and Spa  at 1740 René-Lévesque Blvd W, Montreal, QC H3H 1R3

    To benefit from the special rate, please call (special rate does not apply online) and say you will be booking with the special corporate rate for Concordia University conferences.


  • Announcements

  • FORUM 2018 Registration – Invited Guests

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  • FORUM 2018 Registration – Montreal Guests

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  • Post-FORUM 2018 Questionnaire








  • Call For Proposals – FORUM 2018

    The Canadian New Music Network has launched a CALL FOR PROPOSALS for the 8th national FORUM being held May 17-20, 2018 in Victoriaville and Montréal.


    We’re looking for programming proposals from everyone! As you prepare your proposal, here are some key points to note:

    (1) The goal of our FORUMs is to create greater networking and development opportunities for the entire new music community – artistic directors, performers, improvisers, composers, educators, presenters, researchers, arts administrators, artist managers, producers, publishers and all other new music practitioners.

    (2) The FORUM is neither an academic conference nor an arts market/showcase; it’s a hybrid that seeks to create connections for everyone working in the new music field. Consult our web site for information on previous FORUMs.

    (3) The FORUM 2018 theme is Entr’arts / Between the Arts. Embracing inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches, areas of exploration include: the integration of new music and sound practices with multiple traditional and/or contemporary arts disciplines; the intersection of new music and sound practices with non-arts disciplines; experimentation with entirely new art forms.

    Consult the front-page section for further ideas related to the theme.

    If you have a burning issue, demonstration, workshop or other type of activity along the lines of the theme to propose, please send it in. Even if you have a fabulous idea that’s not theme-related, we want to know about that too. We’re very open and are looking for a wide diversity of proposals.


    5 min., 15 min. and 30 min. time slots are available, as well as a unique “on-the-go” category.

    The traditional presentation is welcome, but alternative formats are strongly encouraged – use your imagination! Where appropriate, include time for Q & A or open discussion.

    Which format to use for which time slot? Here are some ideas:

    1) 5 min. time slots:

    • A passionate micro-talk – about your research, experiences or ideas.
    • A surprise intervention or interruption

    2) 15 min. time slots:

    • A public conversation or interview between two interesting people.
    • A performance-demonstration (but not a concert).
    • Guide a quick & simple bonding activity that provides attendees opportunity to get to know each other in a different way other than talking. A great way to refresh everyone’s energy between the “blah blah blah” that takes place. This could include musical improv or something entirely different.

    3) 30 min. time slots:

    • A hands-on workshop that teaches attendees something interesting.
    • Moderating a group activity that encourages direct participation of FORUM attendees around a specific goal.
    • Facilitating a networking activity for attendees to get feedback or engage others regarding their projects or interests.
    • A sharing circle or some other kind of interactive

    4) On-The-Go: during the bus trip between Victoriaville and Montreal
    Time slots anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes (let us know what you prefer)

    • Hijack the PA system, blow up balloons, pack a ukulele: “are we there yet?”
    • Interactive networking, travelogue, guided sound meditation, bingo, sing-a-long, sit-down dance class, performance-demonstration…go wild, it’s a long, 2.5-hour ride!


    • Slots are limited. An independent jury makes programming recommendations to the FORUM 2018 steering committee – all decisions are final.
    • Activities involving multiple people: all parties must consent and take part in the application.
    • Applicants whose proposals are accepted will be required to register for the FORUM.


    Submission deadline Wednesday, January 3, 2018 MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 2018

    Email your submission to Terri Hron –
    Include, as ONE PDF FILE:

    • Contact information
    • 1-page outline (indicate time slot duration as well as format)
    • 200 word bio(s)
    • List of technical requirements (equipment you will need, how much space, how much set-up time)
    • Equipment & production budget (if applicable)
    • IMPORTANT: We do not accept other attachments or downloads. If necessary, provide direct links to streaming audio or video (Soundcloud, YOUTUBE, Website, etc.). ie. NO dropbox link or MP3 email attachment.

    Acceptance notification: March 1, 2018.

    p.s. Please help spread the news. Share this web page URL through email, social media, newsletters, etc. A bilingual print-friendly announcement is available – FORUM 2018 OPEN CALL (PDF) – for doors, notice boards, etc.