• Raphaël Foisy-Couture , Executive Director

    Hailing from Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, Raphaël Foisy-Couture is an improvising musician and community organizer who has been active in the experimental, improvised and creative music scenes for over a decade. As a former member of the La Passe collective and co-organizer of the Mardis Spaghetti and Mardis Tous Croches series (2014-2016), he has participated in the organization of hundreds of concerts and the coordination of multiple tours across Turtle Island and Canada for musicians from around the world. Through his exploration of different instruments, including (double)bass, guitar, trumpet and various electronic devices, he has released albums on the Notice, HAVN, Rara Avis and Arachnidisc labels. He is also founder of the Small Scale Music label. Since February 2024, he is the general manager of the Canadian New Music Network (CNMN) .

    His regular musical projects include Ensemble Infini (an intergenerational octet grouped around drummer Guy Thouin), a duo with violinist Adrianne Munden-Dixon, and a quartet with Marilou Craft, Andrea Wong and Adrian Avendano. He has also played with le GGRIL, Ensemble Supermusique, Evelyn Charlotte-Joe's Ensemble de la mort, Eschaton, Vicky Mettler/Kee Avil, Karen Ng, Alisson Burik, Estelle Schorpp, Lisa Cay Miller, Noam Bierstone, Philippe Lauzier, Arrington de Dionyso, Tatsuya Nakatani, Yves Charuest, Émilie Girard-Charest, Jeff Henderson, Kyle Hutchins, Ross Birdwise, Erick D'Orion, Ken Aldcroft, Roxanne Nesbitt, Ben Brown, Matthew Ariartnam, Lori Freedman, David Grollman, Jeff Barsky/Insect Factory, Samuel Bobony, John Oswald, Camille Émaille, Timothé Quost, Bryan Qu, Elizabeth Lima, Chris Dadge, Nick Fraser, Emily Denison, Aaron Lumley, Robin Servant, Chittakone Baccam/Hazy Montage Mystique, John Heward, Josh Zubot, Craig Pedersen, Elizabeth Millar and Colin Fisher (to name only a few of his admirable colleagues).

  • Terri Hron , Sustainable Futures Project Lead

    Terri Hron is a musician, a performer and a multimedia artist. Her work explores historical performance practice, field recording, invented ceramic instruments and videoscores. She often works in close collaboration with others. Besides composing and performing works for and with others, she produces performances, gatherings and events. Terri studied musicology and art history at the University of Alberta, historical and contemporary performance at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and electroacoustic composition at the Université de Montréal. Her research focuses on collaborative practice and scoring in multimedia performance art. She was a Visiting Scholar at Wesleyan University, former Executive Director of the Canadian New Music Network, where she has developed programs focusing on pluralism and sustainability, and is now the editor and general manager of (Circuit, musiques contemporaines). Recent collaborators include Monty Adkins, Paula Matthusen, Helen Pridmore and Jennifer Beattie (Out Loud), Katelyn Clark, Jennifer Thiessen and Myriam Boucher (Medusa Selfie), François Houle, Giorgio Magnanensi, Susanne Fröhlich, and Charlotte Hug. Latest commissions include Ensemble Paramirabó, GreyWing Ensemble, Dead of Night, Splinter Reeds and Ensemble Supermusique.

  • Louise Campbell , Project Manager

    Louise Campbell is a Montreal-based musician whose professional hats range from clarinettist to conductor, participatory arts facilitator to cultural mediator. As a performer-composer and improviser, Louise seeks to interrogate and renew the ways in which we make music by creating new works with everyone, regardless of age, ability, level of prior experience, or training. Her specializations include improvisation and creation with untrained (aka ‘amateur’) musicians, improvised conducting, cross-disciplinary creation, collaborative processes, and public engagement. She has toured as a performer, guest artist, and lecturer of improvised and composed musics across Canada, the US, France, Germany, and Brazil.

  • Aurore Blondelot , Communications

    Aurore is a trilingual (French/English/German) event and cultural communications consultant, based in Montréal (unceded lands Tiohtià:ke). A graduate with a Master’s degree in both Art History and Cultural Communications, she later specialized in writing (for print and the web) and PR Consultation (both internal and external).

    Passionate about the arts and culture, she has over 10 years experience in cultural communications, marketing and event management, in addition to specializing in the fields of tourism and the environment. Aurore has worked for museums, art galleries, art centers, and tourist information centers; for associations, public relations agencies, and even for joint-governmental and international organizations.

    With a diploma in musical studies in piano and musical training and a certificate in musicology from the University of Berkeley, California, Aurore has developed her services in Canada with stakeholders, producers and presenters of music and digital arts.

  • Kyran Assing , Administrative Assistant

    After traversing the west with multiple violoncelli and gambe, Trinidadian Kyran Assing is a now based in Montréal, QC where he regularly performs and maintains a private studio of students.

    A recipient of multiple full-scholarships and awards, Kyran completed his Bachelors in Performance (UBC Vancouver) with Eric Wilson, and a Masters in Early Music Performance at McGill University under the mentorship of the epic Susie Napper (an unexpected embrace through baroque rhetoric and theatre).

    Kyran is presently completing a Masters in Music Education (UQàM) with early music approaches to education, and working to provide classical music trainings to underserved communities. Present projects include research into early Afro-American music performance, performances with Canada’s premier orchestra for musicians of colour – Ensemble Obiora, consort residencies and performances with Les Voix Humaines, and exploring the liquid architecture of prepared sound.