Call For Proposals – FORUM 2018

The Canadian New Music Network has launched a CALL FOR PROPOSALS for the 8th national FORUM being held May 17-20, 2018 in Victoriaville and Montréal.


We’re looking for programming proposals from everyone! As you prepare your proposal, here are some key points to note:

(1) The goal of our FORUMs is to create greater networking and development opportunities for the entire new music community – artistic directors, performers, improvisers, composers, educators, presenters, researchers, arts administrators, artist managers, producers, publishers and all other new music practitioners.

(2) The FORUM is neither an academic conference nor an arts market/showcase; it’s a hybrid that seeks to create connections for everyone working in the new music field. Consult our web site for information on previous FORUMs.

(3) The FORUM 2018 theme is Entr’arts / Between the Arts. Embracing inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches, areas of exploration include: the integration of new music and sound practices with multiple traditional and/or contemporary arts disciplines; the intersection of new music and sound practices with non-arts disciplines; experimentation with entirely new art forms.

Consult the front-page section for further ideas related to the theme.

If you have a burning issue, demonstration, workshop or other type of activity along the lines of the theme to propose, please send it in. Even if you have a fabulous idea that’s not theme-related, we want to know about that too. We’re very open and are looking for a wide diversity of proposals.


5 min., 15 min. and 30 min. time slots are available, as well as a unique “on-the-go” category.

The traditional presentation is welcome, but alternative formats are strongly encouraged – use your imagination! Where appropriate, include time for Q & A or open discussion.

Which format to use for which time slot? Here are some ideas:

1) 5 min. time slots:

  • A passionate micro-talk – about your research, experiences or ideas.
  • A surprise intervention or interruption

2) 15 min. time slots:

  • A public conversation or interview between two interesting people.
  • A performance-demonstration (but not a concert).
  • Guide a quick & simple bonding activity that provides attendees opportunity to get to know each other in a different way other than talking. A great way to refresh everyone’s energy between the “blah blah blah” that takes place. This could include musical improv or something entirely different.

3) 30 min. time slots:

  • A hands-on workshop that teaches attendees something interesting.
  • Moderating a group activity that encourages direct participation of FORUM attendees around a specific goal.
  • Facilitating a networking activity for attendees to get feedback or engage others regarding their projects or interests.
  • A sharing circle or some other kind of interactive

4) On-The-Go: during the bus trip between Victoriaville and Montreal
Time slots anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes (let us know what you prefer)

  • Hijack the PA system, blow up balloons, pack a ukulele: “are we there yet?”
  • Interactive networking, travelogue, guided sound meditation, bingo, sing-a-long, sit-down dance class, performance-demonstration…go wild, it’s a long, 2.5-hour ride!


  • Slots are limited. An independent jury makes programming recommendations to the FORUM 2018 steering committee – all decisions are final.
  • Activities involving multiple people: all parties must consent and take part in the application.
  • Applicants whose proposals are accepted will be required to register for the FORUM.


Submission deadline Wednesday, January 3, 2018 MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 2018

Email your submission to Terri Hron –
Include, as ONE PDF FILE:

  • Contact information
  • 1-page outline (indicate time slot duration as well as format)
  • 200 word bio(s)
  • List of technical requirements (equipment you will need, how much space, how much set-up time)
  • Equipment & production budget (if applicable)
  • IMPORTANT: We do not accept other attachments or downloads. If necessary, provide direct links to streaming audio or video (Soundcloud, YOUTUBE, Website, etc.). ie. NO dropbox link or MP3 email attachment.

Acceptance notification: March 1, 2018.

p.s. Please help spread the news. Share this web page URL through email, social media, newsletters, etc. A bilingual print-friendly announcement is available – FORUM 2018 OPEN CALL (PDF) – for doors, notice boards, etc.