FORUM 2016 is currently under development, and we’re working hard to make it the most interesting and revitalizing 3 days of professional development and networking. We’re pleased to announce the keynote guest is Pauline Oliveros! Check back here as we continue to update and add to the information.

The FORUM is a special breed. If you or your colleagues haven’t experienced one before, get a feel for it with Emily Hall’s introduction here (it was for FORUM 2014, but the same holds true).

FORUM 2016 OTTAWA will take place January 14-16. We know, that’s three months away, but are you thinking of coming?

Getting to Ottawa

Planning ahead, now that’s a great idea! Need some ideas on how to get there? Visit our support letter page.

Help us grow interest

Planning can take time and we would like as many people as possible attending, so we are asking as many people as possible – now. Everyone is welcome. So far, the reception is looking good. Please help us spread the news:

  • Word of mouth, concert programmes, web sites, social networks, carrier pigeons… whatever floats your boat!
  • If you have an opportunity, make use of our ad in print or digital media, available for download on the promotion page.



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