The Language Committee Report – December 2014

Stacey Brown

Stacey Brown, chair

The goal of the Language Committee is to support CNMN in maintaining its commitment to bilingualism, by promoting awareness of language issues, assisting from time to time with minor translation needs and, every two years, fulfilling various kinds of language facilitation roles at our national FORUMS (for examples, see FORUM 2012 and FORUM 2014). Committee members are invited to reflect on ways in which we can facilitate communications in both official languages and continue building a national network that can really “speak” to all our members.

This committee is actively seeking members who might be interested in participating in any of the above discussions and activities. We would also like to begin to build a list of members who are willing to occasionally assist with some volunteer translation towards their mother tongue (English, or French).

Questions? Thinking about getting involved in the Language Committee? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Members: Stacey Brown (chair), Louise Campbell and Jérôme Blais

Please contact Stacey Brown for more information:


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