Language Facilitation

CNMN is a bilingual organization made up of members who communicate in both official languages of English and French. As such, our events and communications aim to be bilingual in nature.

We are looking for people to act as Language Facilitators at the Forum to facilitate comprehension for certain attendees. Attendees will self-identify as wanting language facilitation according to their level of comprehension: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Each Language Facilitator, self-identified as having an expert command of both official languages, will then be assigned to one group of attendees based on level of comprehension.

Language Facilitators will sit with their assigned group during designated activities and, depending on the group level of comprehension, they will provide:

  • Very frequent summaries and clarifications for the Beginner group
  • Summaries and clarifications, depending on the needs for the Intermediate group
  • Clarification on terminology and complex ideas on an as needed basis for the Advanced group

Language Facilitators will be expected to attend an orientation session on the evening of Thursday January 19, 2012.

In exchange for their services, the first four people to volunteer as language facilitators will receive complementary registration to the Forum, including a lunch each day of the Forum and a light buffet on the evening of Thursday January 19, 2012.

For more information and to volunteer, please contact Louise Campbell, Language facilitation coordinator —