Thematic videos

Indigenous Resurgence — available September 30, 2021:

CNMN is grate­ful for and inspired by the invig­o­ra­tion of its com­mu­ni­ty with the pres­ence of Indige­nous artists and cura­tors. They encour­age us to raise our aware­ness of lan­guage, cer­e­mo­ny, knowl­edge hold­ing and knowl­edge sharing. 

  • What does Indige­nous resur­gence mean to you? If you don’t agree with the term resur­gence, how would you reframe the theme of this conversation?
  • Does lan­guage and def­i­n­i­tion affect or effect your work?
  • Does men­tor­ship play a role in your work, if so, how?
  • What inspires you to create?

These are the ques­tions keynote Bec­ca Tay­lor (Oci­ci­wan Col­lec­tive) asked of the pre­sen­ters who spoke to the Indige­nous Resur­gence theme: Astro­labe Musik The­atre (Del­phine Der­ick­son-Arm­strong and Heather Pawsey), Ian Cus­son, Geron­i­mo Inu­tiq and Sandy Scofield.

Community — available October 13, 2021

Keynote: Rebec­ca Caines

Pre­sen­ters: Louise Camp­bell, Gior­gio Mag­na­nen­si, PCM Hub

Access — available October 27,2021

Keynote: Col Cseke (Good Host)

Pre­sen­ters: Chelsea Jones, Julie Richard, Ellen Water­man

Innovation • Technology — available Novembre 10, 2021

Keynote: Suzanne Kite

Pre­sen­ters: Amy Bran­don, Tere­sa Con­nors, Hel­ga Jakob­son, Annie Mar­tin

Land — available November 24, 2021

Pre­sen­ters: Tanya Kalmanovitch, Heather Peat Hamm, Tina Pear­son, Jen­ni Schine