CNMN would like to thank the following organizations for helping to promote this year’s FORUM:


Canadian League of Composers (featured the FORUM in their Zoom In newsletter)

Groundswell (included our promo in the mailing for their concert, Pianist Daan Vanderwalle and The Devil’s Staircase)

Music on Main (included our promo in the program for the Modulus Festival)

Transmission Ensemble and Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur (included our promo in the concert program of their Crippled Symmetry concert)

Productions SuperMusique (included our promo in the program for their concert, Phèdre de racine, sans paroles)

Western Front New Music for promoting the FORUM in multiple mailings.


Also, thanks again to our sponsors and partners:



Canada Logo

University of Ottawa





Canada Council for the Arts