Vancouver Calling — Pauline Oliveros Score

Pauline Oliv­eros
Venice Italy Decem­ber 24 2011

Com­posed for the Cana­di­an New Music Net­work Forum 2012 in Van­cou­ver, BC

Van­cou­ver Call­ing is based on call and response.

There are three groups: AOM, AUMI and IMPS.

AOM is the Avatar Orches­tra Meta­verse con­nect­ed via Sec­ond Life.

AUMI is the Adap­tive Use Musi­cal Inter­face Com­put­ers in the Forum and via Skype.

IMPS are impro­vis­ers on site in the Forum (Instru­men­tal­ists).

Con­duc­tion cues are sent by text mes­sage orig­i­nat­ing in Sec­ond Life, and can be viewed by all play­ers on screens or mon­i­tors or oth­er mech­a­nisms for communicating.


  • Invent a Sig­na­ture Call that you can repeat accu­rate­ly many times.
  • Fol­low con­duc­tion cues sent by text message.
  • Lis­ten means to stop play­ing and attend to all the sounds that are hap­pen­ing in all groups.

Section I

  • Play your Sig­na­ture Call
  • Lis­ten
  • Answer a Sig­na­ture Call that comes from a play­er in anoth­er group (AOM, AUMI or IMPS) with your Sig­na­ture Call
  • Lis­ten
  • Only answer the Sig­na­ture Call of the play­er that you select­ed at first from one oth­er group.
  • Lis­ten
  • After your duo is well estab­lished begin to answer a Sig­na­ture Call from a play­er from the remain­ing group.
  • Lis­ten
  • Keep answer­ing both Sig­na­ture calls from both groups.
  • Repeat until cued for next Section

Section II

  • Stop answer­ing Sig­na­ture Calls. Play your Sig­na­ture Call at your own tem­po. Your tem­po should be inde­pen­dent of oth­er player’s tempo.
  • Lis­ten
  • Con­tin­ue at your own tempo.
  • Lis­ten
  • Start to sync with a play­er from anoth­er group.
  • Lis­ten
  • Con­tin­ue until cue for Sec­tion III

Section III

  • Start to vary your Sig­na­ture Call (play once then listen)
  • Lis­ten
  • Each time play a new and dif­fer­ent vari­a­tion (each vari­a­tion may be short­er or longer)
  • Lis­ten
  • Play vari­a­tion
  • Lis­ten
  • Con­tin­ue vari­a­tions until cue for Sec­tion IV

Section IV

  • Free Impro­vi­sa­tion — play then lis­ten alternately.
  • Con­tin­ue until cue for Sec­tion V

Section V

  • Free impro­vi­sa­tion with grad­ual return to your Sig­na­ture call.

Section VI

  • Play your Sig­na­ture Call
  • Lis­ten
  • Repeat until cue for END.
  • End