To help with your trav­el tim­ing plans, Forum reg­is­tra­tion and activ­i­ties start at 4pm on Thurs­day Jan­u­ary 19th, and end at around 4pm, Sun­day Jan­u­ary 22nd. After reg­is­tra­tion Thurs­day Jan­u­ary 19th, a spe­cial net­work­ing event is planned with a light buf­fet and music. We hope to see you there!

Room Map Key

Djavad Mowafaghi­an World Cul­tur­al Cen­tre (WCU) , Gold­corp Cen­tre for the Arts
Djavad Mowafaghi­an Cin­e­ma, Gold­corp Cen­tre for the Arts
Stu­dio 4350Fourth Floor Music Room, Gold­corp Cen­tre for the Arts
FOYER — Djavad Mowafaghi­an Cin­e­ma, Gold­corp Cen­tre for the Arts

The Gold­corp Cen­tre for the Arts is locat­ed at SFU Woodward’s — 149 West Hast­ings Street, Van­cou­ver, BC Cana­da.

Note: loca­tions and sched­ule are sub­ject to change. Activ­i­ties with­out loca­tion indi­cat­ed are TBA.

Thursday, January 19

4:30pm Reg­is­tra­tion
5:00pm Buf­fet & Networking
5:30pm Son­ic Pres­ence Mini Concert
Coat Cooke and Joe Poole (Van­cou­ver)
5:45pm — 7pm Wel­come
Net­work Devel­op­ment Ses­sion 1 — Open Session
Par­tic­i­pants are encour­aged to bring ques­tions, ideas, pro­pos­als and concerns.

Friday, January 20

8:00am — 8:45am Reg­is­tra­tion — ④ Sound­walk • Tyler Kin­n­ear (from Sand­man Inn to SFU Woodward’s)
9:00am — 9:15am SFU Woodward’s Wel­come by Owen Under­hill, Musqueam Tra­di­tion­al Wel­come by Debra Spar­row, — ②
9:15am — 11:00am Con­nect­ing to the Sound of the Pacif­ic Coast — ②
Hilde­gard West­erkamp (World Forum for Acoustic Ecol­o­gy, Vancouver)
Paul and Hele­na Spong (Orca Project, Van­cou­ver Island) • Kim Cas­cone (Hydrophone Fes­ti­val, San Francisco)
11:00am — 11:15am Break
11:15am — 12:45pm Con­nect­ing Art, Inten­tion and Place — ② Gen­er­a­tions & Dis­ci­plines — ①
Joel Chad­abe (Ear to the Earth, Elec­tron­ic Music Foun­da­tion, New York) • Bar­ry Tru­ax (World Sound­scape Project, Vancouver) DB Boyko (Arts and Health Project, Son­ic Play­ground, Van­cou­ver) • Owen Under­hill (Turn­ing Point Ensem­ble, Van­cou­ver) • Marie Lopes (Round­house Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre, Van­cou­ver) • Rod­ney Shar­man (com­pos­er, Vancouver)
12:45pm — 1:45pm Net­work­ing Lunch — ①
& Son­ic Pres­ence Mini Con­cert [1pm — 1:20pm]
Big World Band (John Oliv­er, Farshid Saman­dari and friends), Lee Hutzu­lak (Van­cou­ver)
1:45pm — 3:30pm Extend­ing Cre­ativ­i­ty — ②
Cre­ative Soft­ware and Soft­ware Creativity
For Whom? For What? — ①
The Mak­ing of Com­mu­ni­ty — Plu­ral­ism in Progress
Bar­ry Tru­ax (Simon Fras­er Uni­ver­si­ty) • Arne Eigen­feldt (Simon Fras­er University) Geor­gio Mag­na­nen­si (Van­cou­ver New Music) • Jer­ry Per­gole­si (Con­tact Con­tem­po­rary Music, Toronto)
3:30pm — 3:45pm Break
3:45pm — 5:30pm Retelling New Music with Indige­nous Eyes — ① Net­work Devel­op­ment Ses­sion 2 —
Nation­al Net­works
 — ③
Dylan Robin­son (Indi­gene­ity in the Con­tem­po­rary World, Uni­ver­si­ty of Lon­don, UK) • Raven Cha­con (Albu­querque, NM) Intro­duced by David Pay (Music on Main, Van­cou­ver) • With rep­re­sen­ta­tives from the Cana­di­an Music Cen­tre, Cana­di­an League of Com­posers and oth­er nation­al net­works and associations.

Saturday, January 21

8:00am — 8:45am Reg­is­tra­tion — ④
9:00am — 10:45am Break­ing the Mould — ①
Chal­leng­ing pre­con­cep­tions of cul­ture, gen­er­a­tion, genre and discipline
Visu­al Par­a­digms for Ensem­ble Impro­vi­sa­tion — ②
Con­duc­tion and Remote Control
Sandeep Bhag­wati (matral­ab, Con­cor­dia Uni­ver­si­ty, Mon­tre­al) • Raven Cha­con (Albe­querque, New Mex­i­co) • Anju Singh (CRES Media Arts Com­mit­tee, Van­cou­ver) • Brady Cran­field (Music Appre­ci­a­tion Soci­ety, Vancouver) Coat Cooke (Orkestra Futu­ra, Van­cou­ver) • Ste­fan Smulovitz (Mad Sci­en­tist, Van­cou­ver) • Tina Pear­son (Avatar Orches­tra Meta­verse, Glob­al). Par­tic­i­pa­to­ry demon­stra­tion — bring your instruments!
10:45am — 11:00am Break
11:00am — 12:45pm Stretched Bound­aries — Con­nect­ing Across Abil­i­ties, Net­works and Prac­tices — ②
Pauline Oliv­eros (Deep Lis­ten­ing Insti­tute, New York) from Venice via Skype • Plus, per­for­mance of “Van­cou­ver Call­ing” — please bring instruments!
12:45pm — 1:45pm Net­work­ing Lunch — ①
& Son­ic Pres­ence Mini Con­cert [1pm — 1:20pm]
Marie-Chan­tal Leclair (Mon­tre­al) and Raven Cha­con (New Mexico)
1:45pm — 3:30pm Extend­ed Bod­ies — ③
When the Vir­tu­al Bleeds into the Physical
Old Asia — New Music — ②
Arne Eigen­feldt (Simon Fras­er Uni­ver­si­ty, Van­cou­ver) • George Tzane­takis (Uni­ver­si­ty of Vic­to­ria, Vic­to­ria) • Cléo Pala­cio-Quintin (Mon­tréal) Michael Ten­z­er (Game­lan Gita Asmara, Uni­ver­si­ty of British Colum­bia, Van­cou­ver) • Joel Bons (Nieus Ensem­ble, Atlas Ensem­ble, Hol­land) • I Wayan Sudi­rana (Game­lan Gita Asmara, Van­cou­ver, Indone­sia) • Mei Han (Red Cham­ber Ensem­ble, Vancouver)
3:30pm — 3:45pm Break
3:45pm — 5:30pm Net­work Devel­op­ment Ses­sion 3 — Region­al and Local Net­works — ② Musi­cal Dia­logue Across Cul­tures — ①
With input from: Paul Cram (Atlantic Cana­da Art Music Net­work) • Scott Thom­son • Tim Brady, Joane Hétu and Cléo Pala­cio-Quintin (Montreal’s Le Vivi­er) • Bob Bak­er (Cana­di­an Music Cen­tre BC Region) • DB Boyko (Son­ic Pres­ence BC) and others. Musi­cal prac­tice ses­sion facil­i­tat­ed by Michael O’Neill (Game­lan Madu Sari, Van­cou­ver) • Jon Sid­dall (Van­cou­ver) • Moshe Den­burg (Van­cou­ver Inter­cul­tur­al Orches­tra). Bring your instru­ments or use the gamelan!

Sunday, January 22

9:00am — 10:45am Fes­ti­vals as a Cul­tur­al Voice — ②
Michel Lev­asseur (FIMAV, Vic­to­ri­av­ille) • Ken Pick­er­ing (Coastal Jazz & Blues Soci­ety, Van­cou­ver) • Gor­don Mon­a­han (Eclec­tic Electrics, Meaford) • Peter Hatch (Open Ears Fes­ti­val, Kitch­en­er-Water­loo) • Joel Chad­abe (Ear to the Earth Fes­ti­val, New York)
10:45am — 11:00am Break
11:00am — 12:45pm Net­work Devel­op­ment Ses­sion 4 — Open Ses­sion — ①
Open to any top­ic brought for­ward by those in atten­dance and/or as agreed as a result of pre­vi­ous sessions.
12:45pm — 1:45pm Net­work­ing Lunch — ①
1:45pm — 3:30pm Clo­sure — Ple­nary Ses­sion — ①

Sched­ule sub­ject to change with­out pri­or noti­fi­ca­tion (Jan­u­ary 19, 2012).