Touring Network Committee Report – June 2017


Committee members: Norm Adams (chair), Kathryn Ladano.

This is the first time CNMN has assembled a Touring Network Committee, so we’re eager to discover what we can do to help CNMN members.

Both committee members Kathryn and Norm share a lot in common: they are both performers and improvisers that have made several tours across the country. They both direct music presenting/producing organizations, and are both interested in how making connections through touring can create new collaborations, and a richer new music community. We are also interested in expanding our committee’s membership so if you’d like to join the conversation, please let us know.

The Touring Network Committee was born at FORUM 2016 in Ottawa, where CNMN sponsored a number of meetings to explore the development of a touring network for new music. Discussions included 20 members from a nationally and stylistically diverse group, plus international guests. (The report of the meetings can be found here.) These meetings were very wide ranging and identified a need for support for artists wanting to tour their work. What that need is, and what CNMN can do to support touring artists is still unclear, so the committee was formed to address this question.

The committee is considering the following questions:

  • How can we develop a national audience for contemporary music, through the support of a national touring network?
  • How can we support a new model of touring of new music that is built around project exchanges and reciprocity instead of just “making the rounds”?
  • How can we create and ensure the management of a new music touring information resource for those who are touring and those who are looking to book touring shows?

These are broad, complex questions, and we’ll be considering each question in more depth over the coming months, further focusing the work of the committee, and likely creating additional questions as we go before we formally recommend next steps.

Please consider joining our committee

This will be an interesting conversation that needs input from the whole range of Canadian new music practitioners. We hope that some of you would like to join in!

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