FORUM 2018 Steering Committee Report – June 2017


Steering Committee members: Jennifer Waring (chair), Tim Brady, Po Yeh and representatives of the local partners (to be finalized).

CNMN is gearing up for the next edition of the biennial FORUM. Usually held in the darkest months of the year (dark in the astronomical sense, but also in the density of grant deadlines), this time it’s in May. Not so dark, not so cold, not so stressed (one hopes) – phew!

Though details cannot be publicized yet, we can confirm that it will be in Montreal, with a possible sortie into a neighbouring musical hotspot; in addition to our talks with Concordia University and Le Vivier, we are speaking seriously with Festival International musiques actuelle Victoriaville (FIMAV). Prospects are exciting!

The theme of this eighth CNMN FORUM is interdisciplinary practice. There’s reason to claim that interdisciplinarity is the new (or relatively new) thing: increasingly, ensembles produce concerts combining music with all manner of other expression; composers create in media where their training cannot be considered expert (just as artists from other disciplines create with sound); music is paired with non-artistic disciplines (science, philosophy, history, etc); and improvising musicians collaborate with improvisers working in other art forms. Concern for control through specialization and lonely creative process has given way to enthusiasm for the possibilities that come from mixing it up. Who knows, maybe the attraction is the very idea of relinquishing control.

FORUM 2018 is the place to go to find out what’s happening in this vibrant and varied practice – where these and other interesting, illuminating, and practical questions will be discussed by the fabulous array of local, national and international new music and interdisciplinary practitioners that we have all come to expect at CNMN’s FORUMs.

Your part in FORUM 2018

  • Become a voting member of CNMN. Membership brings advantages, including a low, low FORUM registration fee.
  • Watch for the Call for Submissions, your chance to bring your story/ideas/projects to the attention of the community.
  • Plan to attend FORUM 2018

See you next year in Montreal.

Want to help, got ideas, have questions? Contact Jennifer Waring:


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