Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report – June 2017


Submitted by Tim Brady, chair

The DCI had a very active fall 2016 and winter 2017. In collaboration with our partners the Canadian Music Centre and Le Vivier, we prepared and submitted a very major grant for DCI development to the Department of Canadian Heritage Collective Initiatives Program. This grant was for what we call Phase Two of the project – creating the basic infrastructures, promotional, production and data management systems. This was a very large, complex grant and would not have been possible without the great cooperation of Glenn Hodgins (CMC), Pierrette Gingras (Le Vivier), Clément Topping, and a range of consultants. The team worked very well together, which bodes well for future collaborations.

We will have an answer to this grant in November 2017. We are also watching the new Canada Council Digital fund – details of which will be announced this fall. From all we have heard, this new money could play a significant role in the development of the DCI. There will probably be a significant grant application to submit late this fall for this new program.

The current plan for DCI (assuming funding and partnerships are confirmed) is to spend 2018 – 2019 building the infrastructure and basic content, with the major launch of the public platform in early 2020. Technology and music are changing so quickly that it is impossible to say exactly where the issues around music dissemination will be at in 2020, but the DCI needs to be online with a strong Canadian music presence sooner rather than later. That is our goal.

Please contact Tim Brady for more information

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