Message from the New President, Jennifer Waring

I am proud and a little overawed to find myself the new president of CNMN. I look forward to working with you in building on CNMN’s great work over the past decade. Through initiatives such as the FORUM, it has become an important force for new music in Canada, a true unifier.

My approach will be to further strengthen the centre of the organization while tapping the energy and ingenuity of its membership.

As President, I will work to increase funding – after a decade of hard work in mounting transformational events, CNMN’s role in the new music community is well established and there’s no reason that this shouldn’t be reflected in its grants. But part of revenue increases should come from increased membership; therefore there will be an emphasis on improving communications with the community at large as well as the existing membership.

Other priorities are: expanding off-forum year activities; ensuring a diverse membership – continuing to reach out to people in the new music community who do not yet know they have a home in CNMN; and continuing to develop international ties for the benefit of the Canadian new music community.

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