Welcome New Members – June 2016

Since May 2015, CNMN’s membership has grown by 40 members. More members in our network means stronger representation and connection for our community. We warmly welcome all our new members, and we hope this marks the beginning of a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration.

The new members are listed below, many of which have web sites for further information. We also hope all our members get a chance to check each other out – you can access a full list of members on our web site, viewable by category, region or name.

Who will be the next new member?

New Voting Members

National Arts Centre Orchestra ON http://nac-cna.ca/en/orchestra
Instant Places QC http://instantplaces.ca/
Sound of Dragon Music Festival, Sound of Dragon Society BC http://soundofdragon.com/
Ottawa New Music Creators ON http://www.onmc.info/
Liselyn Adams QC
Ruby Kato Attwood QC
Maya Badian ON http://www3.sympatico.ca/badian/
Jennifer Butler BC http://www.jenniferbutler.ca/
Sean Clarke AB
Benjamin Dietschi ON http://spectrummusic.ca/
Susanna Eyton-Jones QC http://www.susannaeytonjones.com/
Jonathan Goldman QC http://www.jonathangoldman.ca/
Rachel Iwaasa BC http://www.iwaasa.com/
Mary Kenedi ON http://www.marykenedi.com/
Andrew Kwan ON
Nicole Lizée QC http://www.nicolelizee.com/
Tania Miller BC http://taniamiller.com/
Jared Miller BC http://www.jaredmillermusic.com/
Quinn Redekop ON
Mark Segger AB http://www.marksegger.com/
Fran Slingerland ON
Scott Smallwood AB http://www.scott-smallwood.com/

New Supporting Members

Maria Atallah ON
Lucian Badian ON http://www3.sympatico.ca/badian/L.B.Editions.html
Bob Baker BC
DJ Smartmix Berube QC
Amy Brandon NS http://www.amybrandon.ca/
Abdelrahman Hassan El-Akhdar ON
Ian Ferrier QC http://ianferrier.com/
Tatiana Gordeeva QC
Sylvain Gravel QC
D’Arcy Gray ON
Alain Katako Congo https://www.facebook.com/alain.katako
Kathy Kennedy QC http://www.kathykennedy.ca/
Cheldon Paterson ON http://www.slowpitchsound.com/
Patricia Reynolds ON
Sevastian Sakovets NS
Alice Shi ON https://soundcloud.com/mengyuan-shi
Carmel Whittle ON http://www.elizabethrileyband.com/
Anders Zelinski USA https://theredandwhites.bandcamp.com/


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