Preparations with the CAC for the Upcoming Federal Election

Preparations with the CAC

Note: the 42nd Canadian general election is scheduled to occur on October 19, 2015. With the election fast approaching, the CAC is looking for volunteers to fill a number of positions as part of their effort to make sure the arts are on the mind of candidates across the country.

On March 18, 2015 members of the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) met by teleconference to discuss issues relating to the upcoming federal election. The Elections Committee of the CAC had analysed different strategies to create a united arts front, noting: (1) this time around it may be difficult for the arts to get media attention; (2) the five political parties are not likely to share each party’s platform until into the fall campaign.

Two options were discussed:

  1. Approach parties with three arts questions and post the answers on websites
  2. Instead of an arts-only campaign, connect with larger issues, such as:
    1. Aboriginal rights;
    2. Environmental issues;
    3. Election reform and getting out the youth vote.

General consensus was that both options had merit, but that it was difficult to agree on a non-arts issue.

In the second option, discussion leaned towards contributing to the efforts of Apathy is Boring, particularly in getting youth out to vote. As a non-partisan organization, it was favoured over other similar organizations. 

In the first option, the three arts questions will be based on the CAC’s Recommendations from Arts Day on the Hill:

  • Increase the operating funding of the Canada Council for the Arts by $35 million, to the goal of $300 million, in the near future.
  • Increase Canada’s presence on the world stage in 2017 (sesquicentennial) with a special $25 million fund.
  • Increase the funding, and increase the alternative funding, for digital dissemination and Canadian content online.

Formal recommendations from the CAC’s Election Committee are to be made soon.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact CNMN.

Report submitted by CNMN board member Jennifer Waring, with contributions from Kate Cornell (Executive Director, Canadian Dance Assembly)


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