Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report – May 2015

Tim Brady, Chair


The Digital Content Initiative (DCI) is a project, funded by a $20,000 Canada Council for the Arts grant, to look for new funding and new structures for the recording, dissemination, promotion and distribution of Canadian “specialized” music, in digital content.

Basically – an attempt to find an alternative way to get our music out there (in Canada and internationally), now that two key pillars of Canadian music – CBC and Radio-Canada – have all but stopped recording music. It is a very ambitious, and a slightly Don Quixotian idea, but it is an absolute necessity for Canadian music in 2015 and beyond.

Over the last 6 months the DCI has done a lot of work: fine-tuned our arguments, our statistics and our “pitch” document (to private and public funders); had very detailed meetings with partners in both Toronto and Montréal; and designed the technical “grant programme” we are proposing. Our consultant Pierre Lalonde has continued his informal discussions with funders and private partners, preparing the groundwork for the proposal.

The DCI commissioned a musicological research document, in order to give academic and scientific support to our arguments as to the value of “specialized” music. This document has been completed, jointly authored by Martin Guerpin and Jonathan Goldman of the Université de Montréal, and includes an analysis and bibliography of a wide range of studies that have been published on the importance and benefits of music and creativity. CNMN members are welcome to freely use these document, and these arguments, when helping to support the cause of creative new music in Canada. Check out the report here.

We will start to have informal meetings in June to discuss this initiative with potential partners, as well as public and private funders. The federal election will slow this process down – regardless of who wins the October election, all government departments are now in “wait and see” mode. No new decisions will happen until after the election, in fact, things will only really get back to normal in 2016.

However, we can get a sense of how our arguments work at these informal meetings, so that we are as effective as possible once we get to the formal presentation stage.

The DCI is also getting interest from other parties: we have been invited to present the project at the Classical: Next conference in Rotterdam May 20-23, 2015 and at the bi-annual Banff Opera Colloquium with in July 2015. So the project is gaining momentum.

Tim Brady – May 5, 2015

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