Public Engagement Committee Report – Dec 2014


The CNMN Public Engagement Committee was formed in the 2012-13 season. Having evolved out of the Youth Committee (2009-12), the Public Engagement Committee seeks to address the range and scope of issues regarding Public Engagement and New Music across Canada. We all do Public Engagement – so, what are we already doing? Who do we understand as our public? What are our success stories in Public Engagement? How can we as a community reach more, different, diverse publics?

Committee members include Tawnie Olson, Jennifer Waring and Louise Campbell (committee chair).

We welcome more committee members! We need people from across the country to pitch in, give their two cents worth, and give us a Canada-wide perspective. If you want to join the Public Engagement Committee, we want your ideas!

Please contact Louise Campbell for more information:

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