Welcome New Members – December 2014

Since March 2014, CNMN’s membership has grown by 34 members. More members in our network means stronger representation and connection for our community. We warmly welcome all our new members, and we hope this marks the beginning of a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration.

The new members are listed below, many of which have web sites for further information. We also hope all our members get a chance to check each other out – you can access a full list of members on our web site, viewable by category, region or name.

Who will be the next new member?

New Voting Members

musica intima society BC http://www.musicaintima.org/
Reverb Brass ON http://www.reverbbrass.com/
Bruno De Cat QC
Matthew Fava ON

New Supporting Members

Valdine Anderson MB
Alyssa Aska AB http://www.alyssaaska.com/
Hélène Beaulieu QC http://www.helenebeaulieumusique.com/
Rose Bolton ON http://www.rosebolton.com/
Olivier Bouzitou Congo
Andrew Clark ON
Stacie Dunlop ON http://www.staciedunlop.com/
Brian Garbet AB http://www.briangarbet.ca/
Glen Hall ON http://www.glenhall.com/
Mark Hannesson AB http://www.ualberta.ca/~mjh7/
Shahriyar Jamshidi ON http://www.shahriyarjamshidi.com/
Randolf Jimenez ON https://www.facebook.com/randolf.jimenez
Bernardj Josef
F Tim Knight ON
Jean Christophe Laporte France https://soundcloud.com/jean-christophe-laporte
Claire Marchand QC http://www.clairemarchand.net/
Elaine McCann ON
Stephanie Moore QC https://soundcloud.com/stfnymoor
Ethan Moseley ON http://www.allgirlknifefight.com/
Katya Pine BC http://www.pineproductions.ca/
Justin Poon ON
Matt Poon ON http://www.mattpoon.com/
Cody Puls ON
Fernando Recalde Ecuador
Quinn Redekop ON
Shaan Singha ON http://www.downtojam.com/
Francisco Sottolichio QC http://www.utopsie.com/
Anthony Tan QC http://www.anthonytanmusic.com/
Krisjana Thorsteinson QC
Gabriel Vallejo France http://gabriel.vallejo.online.fr/

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