Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report – Dec 2014


CNMN began working on the Digital Content Initiative (DCI) roughly two years ago. Put simply, concert music (art music, or whatever definition you prefer) needs something to fill the huge gap left in our community by the disengagement of CBC and Radio-Canada.

The idea is to create a new fund, with a mixture of public and private funding, that will give artists and artistic companies the funds necessary to create very high-quality audio and video digital content, and to create and promote a professional digital hub for distribution (this could be CDs, DVDs, live streaming, video for YouTube, Internet art, etc.).

The following work was carried out in the 2013-14 season:

  • October 2013: We met with Sophie Couture, Head of Music Policy at Heritage Canada. In April 2015, the $25 million Canada Music Fund will be renewed by Canadian Heritage. Discussions are already underway as to how this money will be allocated – what are the priorities, what will be the new programmes. Canadian Heritage has told us that almost all the real decisions will be made by November 2014, in order to be ready for the April 2015 rollout. So we need to make a very strong proposal to Canadian Heritage before November 2014.
  • December 2013: Applied for Leadership through Change funding through Canada Council. Received $20,000.
  • December 2013: DCI national meeting in Toronto – working group with CMC, empreintes DIGITALes, Le Vivier, Action Jazz Canada, and consultations with Soundstreams and Tafelmusik.
  • Slight name change: The Digital Content Initiative was formerly called the Canadian Specialised Music Dissemination and Digital Content Initiative (CSMDDCI) but we thought it best to simplify the name.
  • June 2014: We hired consultant Pierre Lalonde. This is a big, complex, very political process and M. Lalonde formerly worked at Heritage Canada, running the music policy division – so he knows how things work.
  • June 2014: Further DCI meetings in Toronto with consultant Pierre Lalonde.
  • Working on finalizing a strong proposal for fall 2014. We will ask for a scalable budget starting at $2.5 million and progressing to $7.5 million in 4 years.
  • Working with Michel Duschesneau, head of OICRM, to create a comprehensive document showing the overwhelming evidence that supports the need for a true musical diversity in the Canadian music industry and in our education system.

This project is very ambitious, but the budget shows we take the project seriously, that the loss of the CBC/SRC is having a hugely negative impact on music in Canada.

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