Specialised Music Digital Content Creation Project

CNMN Committee Report

Since 2012 CNMN has been working to find more and better resources for digital content creation for new music (and music in general!).  CD, videos, YOUTUBE, streaming…music is undergoing a big change, and recent radical cutback and policy changes at the CBC/SRC mean Canadian artists no longer have any support in getting their music to the public, both nationally and internationally.

We are currently working with a cooperative of 6 companies to try to get a serious discussion under way with various partners about this issue.  We met to discuss the issue in person in Toronto last December, 2013. Canadian new music must get out into the digital world, with high quality, well curated and presented concerts, studio productions, interactive art, innovative new ideas…

This is a complex but very pressing issue.  We are currently awaiting news on funding to hire a consultant to start the really detailed work of building a coherent national policy for Specialised Music Digital Content Creation, and present this to serious governmental and private partners.  This is a very big idea, and will require a great deal of research, administration and perhaps just a few more meetings!

Nobody else is doing this. The idea that Canadian new music will not have a strong digital presence now and in the future is really unacceptable; it would be a huge loss for music in Canada.

Updates as the project evolves.

Tim Brady
Chair, Specialised Music Digital Content Creation Project


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