I.S.S. Is Somebody Singing

Part of the “Public Engagement Success Stories” series

If you were going to live in a space station for six months, what would you bring with you? Astronaut Chris Hadfield chose to bring his guitar. And while he was at it, he chose to champion amateur music-making. Hadfield partnered with Barenaked Ladies lead singer and song-writer Ed Robertson to co-write the song ‘I.S.S. – Is Somebody Singing’ for Music Monday, a Canada-wide annual event that promotes the value of music education. On Monday, May 6, 2013, people across Canada and even around the world sang this song in events of all kinds, from elementary school assemblies to adult continuing education sing-alongs. How you view this song as fitting (or not fitting) under the umbrella of New Music is your call – the fact remains that the experience of singing a song written by two Canadians, one amateur and one professional, will stay in the minds and imaginations of people for years to come.

– Louise Campbell, head of CNMN’s Public Engagement Committee

To see a special invitation to the Music Monday event from Chris Hadfield, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTOaXrwatmI

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