CNMN’s Online Resource Directory

Did you know our website contains the best listing of new music contacts in Canada that you can find, cross-referenced by region, category and name?

We list festivals, artist manage­ments, associations, concert pre­senters, promoters, media, pub­lishers, record labels, music schools, researchers, and much more.

We think the directory is well on its way. We try to keep in touch with all that is new music in Canada. But there is always room for im­provement.

Other areas could be further developed such as our venues listing. We needn’t list ALL venues in Can­ada, but we could certainly focus on those that are heavily presenting new music.

We also have 27 Arts councils and foundations listed, covering all the provincial councils, but we are missing more local funding sources for new music.

Let us know if we are missing something or someone important in your region!

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