CNMN Needs You – Now!

Membership Payment

New music is a complex, intense, all-consuming passion for CNMN members.  We love music; we love bringing new works to life as composers, performers, improvisers, educators, technicians, administrators and listeners.  We know what an incredibly strong, positive force creative new music can be in a society, and we all want to be part of this dream.

However, creating new music does not happen on its own. It takes time, people and money.  It also means the necessary social, economic, artistic and political conditions must be in place for musical art to flourish.  This does not happen on its own.  It’s only through constant networking and representation that we, as a collective, can shape these larger issues that have such a huge impact on our lives.

CNMN does this work, and is very effective at presenting our perspective to a wide range of partners:

  • No other organisation is working as closely with FACTOR to improve access to recordings for new music.
  • No other organisation is working with Heritage Canada to guarantee that new music is considered a vital component in the renewal of the all-important Canada Music Fund.
  • No other organisation creates a comprehensive, bi-annual networking national conference – the FORUM.
  • No other organisation is consistently working with such a broad range of international networks to expand the contacts and the context for Canadian new music.
  • No other organisation offers such a comprehensive Web resource for new music in Canada.

SO – you’re busy, and you don’t have lots of extra cash. You just want to create and enjoy your music. Why worry about these bigger issues? Seems like a reasonable position.

But it isn’t – that’s not how it works.  Music does not live on its own, it needs support.  And if we don’t show, on a national level, that we collectively believe and support creative music in Canada, then who will?

Without CNMN, the context for creative new music making in Canada would be greatly diminished – now, and, more importantly, in the future.  Unless there is a strong support network for creative new music in Canada, the music will not achieve its potential.  It will remain marginalised, unknown, underfunded and with an uncertain future.

CNMN is an incredibly cost-effective organisation, running on a miniscule budget and lots of love, sweat and thankfully, almost no tears.  But we need your membership dues. We need them this year. We need them now.  CNMN is planning its most ambitious FORUM ever in Calgary in 2014, and we are working on our most complex and comprehensive representation efforts to date.

Membership renewals are crucial for two important reasons:

  1. It means we can speak for a large community of citizens. Make no mistake: this is a BIG deal to politicians.
  2. It gives us the necessary financial resources to continue this critical work on behalf of our community.

Being a paid, voting member, and paying your membership renewal in CNMN is the single most important thing you can do today to make sure that new music has a future in Canada.

– Tim Brady – President – CNMN


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