Spotlight on Canadian Composers #2

credit: Sue Mills

Janice Jackson

Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Soprano Janice Jackson has sung over 200 world premieres and has performed with contemporary music ensembles in modern music festivals and concert halls around the world. Since returning to Canada from Holland in 1999 she has commissioned and premiered many solo vocal works with or without theatrical elements including full-on operas.

Han No. 3, the highly dramatic vocal solo by Marie Pelletier (Montreal) represents her fascination with vocal singing from non-western cultures like India and Tibet, yet also contains passages of classical bel canto. Angst, written for Jackson by Alice Ping Yee Ho (Toronto) in 2000, uses ritualistic movement, whispering, rapid vocal gestures, nonsense syllables and extremes of pitch to convey the unsettling essence of angst, clinically defined as “a state of perpetual, neurotic anxiety.”


Han no. 3 (1992) by Marie Pelletier, Montreal – 5′

Angst (2000) by Alice Ping Yee Ho, Toronto – 10’30”