Touring Network Committee Report – October 2017

TouringImageThe Touring Network Committee met once during 2016-17, beginning the process of developing a mission for the committee. To this end we strived to answer questions posed by the board such as: How can we develop a national audience for contemporary music? How can we create and ensure the management of a new music touring information resource? And, how can we support a touring circuit of new music that is built around project exchanges and reciprocity instead of just “making the rounds”?

The committee discussed the need for further mission development such as surveying both presenters and artists to learn what their needs are, and how CNMN can play a role in making touring of contemporary music in Canada easier for all parties.

This will be an interesting conversation that needs input from the whole range of Canadian new music practitioners. We hope that some of you would like to join in! Contact Norm Adams.

Committee Members: Norm Adams (chair), Kathryn Ladano, Clemens Merkel

Submitted by Norm Adams, October 2017


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