Public Engagement Committee Report – October 2017

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Emily Doolittle and Sarah Albu were appointed to the Public Engagement Committee in December 2016, and formed the seven-member committee in winter 2017.

There was one committee meeting in the 2016-17 season (April 3, 2017) where we looked at how the committee can best realise its mandate to strengthen public engagement for Canadian new music.


The committee brainstormed many different ideas. The strongest commonality behind all of them was the need to focus on making Public Engagement not only an integral element in all other CNMN projects (forums, public discussions, etc.), but to focus on providing resources to help members of the network to do the same in their projects as well (concerts, etc.).

Louise Campbell suggested a project (possibly called Super Sonic) that builds on the current online list of CNMN music education resources, and becomes a hub for public engagement activities that are already happening across the country. This would allow people to share resources and learn from each other, as well as to share and archive the results of performances and activities. The committee decided to support this initiative, and early-stage work progressed late in the 2016-2017 season with the understanding that this is a more long-term project that will eventually involve CNMN staff, as the work entailed is too much to be done entirely on a voluntary basis.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we want to hear from you! Please contact Emily Doolittle –  or Sarah Albu.

Committee Members: Sarah Albu (co-chair), Emily Doolittle (co-chair), Louise Campbell, Jason Doell, Kathy Kennedy, Tawnie Olson, Jerry Pergolesi.

Submitted by Emily Doolittle, October 2017.


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