Official Languages Committee Report – October 2017

Marc-Olivier Lamontagne: There has been no meeting or communication between members of the Language ​​Committee since the last changes in its composition. The committee plans to meet later to facilitate bilingualism in the next major CNMN projects and to ensure that all members can receive news and/or participate in CNMN activities in the official language of their choice.

Jérôme Blais: There were few activities for the Language Committee for the first half of 2017. In June 2017, the Committee revised French translation of the Survey and the call for the Executive Director. The Committee has now passed to a single member, and we must be sure to build it up again so that the Committee can continue to fulfill its role as soon as possible.

Why join the CNMN language committee? Here is what one of our committee members, Jérôme Blais, responds: “Bilingualism is important for Canadian organizations that aim at a being truly national, and CNMN has always taken this very seriously. Despite limited means, but with dedicated volunteers, I believe we succeed in this mission and it makes me very proud. What I also like about this committee is the discussions it triggers. In order to find the right translation for a given text, we often need to reflect on its true meaning, which I find quite stimulating.”

Questions? Thinking about getting involved in the Language Committee? We’d love to hear your ideas! Please contact Jérôme Blais.

Submitted by Marc-Olivier Lamontagne and Jérôme Blais, October 2017.

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