Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report – October 2017

OpenBBRecMicrophoneJuly, 1 2016 to June 30 2017 was spent building the network of partners who have now joined the Digital Content Initiative. Several meetings were organized in both Toronto and Montréal to present and discuss the project with a range of companies. In the end, the project has three official partners: the Canadian Music Centre, the Canadian New Music Network and Le Vivier.

In addition, we also have nine members of our official Advisory Committee: CBC Radio 2, StingRay Music, Orchestras Canada,, le Conseil québécois de la musique, the Canadian Federation of Musicians, Jazz Festivals Canada, the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal and Music on Main. These nine supporters are important o diversifying our reach, and adding large-scale credibility to the project.

We also began working with consultant Kathy Sperberg (Vucavu), to help us structure our business development model, and our upcoming grants. We also began very preliminary discussions with the Canada Council for the Arts concerning their Digital Strategy Fund.

The partnership submitted a very large Strategic Initiative grant to the Department of Canadian Heritage on April 15, 2017. Results will not be known for many months, but should we get this grant, the project will be well underway.

Please contact Tim Brady for more information.

Submitted by Tim Brady, October 2017

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