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Germaine Liu

  • Found objects or art supplies
  • Intergenerational
  • Education
  • Community associations

Task-based Games: Intro and Keys Chain


Hello!  My  name is Germaine.  I have prepared for you some task-based games you can share and play with your friends.  I love task-based games because I feel like I am living the experience in a way.  When everyone involved is open and willing to participate, then it feels like we are all in this together.  We receive and give in this very direct and deliberate way that I think is an honest exchange for all of us.  Have fun, enjoy!

Keys Chain for Jesse Stewart


Gather a bunch of unwanted keys from friends, neighbours or your local hardward store.

If you are playing on the floor you don’t want to scratch, use a piece of plywood instead.

Let’s practice: play the key by holding the long part of the key and bringing the large flat part of the key fall onto the floor.

Let’s play!

1. Choose a prompter for your game of 2 or more players

2. The prompter directs a slow heart beat for all the players to follow

3. Let’s use fruit names to subdivide the heart beat starting with peach.

4. You can also use apple (for a subdivision of 2), pineapple (for 3) or watermelon (for 4).

5. The prompter can also use their fingers to indicate the subdivisions of the heartbeat (1, 2, 3 or 4).

6. Thumb up indicates the ending.

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