OPEN CALL for the New Music Initiative

CNMN Showcases & Presentations at CAPACOA 2015
January 21-24, 2015: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Submit your proposal for a showcase (performance) or conference presentation (discussion with/without musical intervention) for the New Music Initiative at the CAPACOA 2015 conference, January 21 to the 24, 2015.

We are looking for proposals from the entire new music community. Open to everyone who believes in the value of the new music experience and seeks to promote this value across Canada. Ensembles, performers, improvisers, artistic directors, composers, educators, researchers, presenters, arts administrators, artist managers, producers, music lovers….Everybody is welcome!


The performances and presentations aim to raise awareness and to present the true scope of Canadian new music to the members of CAPACOA, Canada’s largest network of arts presenters. These events are designed to fundamentally change how presenters view and present Canadian new music. Participants will be chosen, in part, based on their willingness to engage in the opportunities of the CAPACOA conference, and their ability to help further the long-term goal of engaging in and changing the national presenting ecologyOutreach and development are critical elements at this time: we have to make real connections with the presenters before we can start selling them productions and start bringing new music into the mainstream of concert presenting across the country.

CAPACOA has made the New Music Initiative a priority for the conference, so we are assured the best possible collaboration.


A national jury will review the submissions.  The final selection will be based on a balance of 3 factors:

  • Quality
  • Production practicality
  • Outreach / market development potential


CNMN and CAPACOA are working to put budgets in place to help cover some of the production costs for the event.  We won’t know our budget until July.

If you are chosen, you will need to pay your own travel and accommodation (we will supply letters for travel grants). There is no fee for these showcase performances or conference presentations.


  • Proposals should focus on new music in Canada or new music by Canadians.
  • Proposals should be for a showcase (performance) or conference presentation (discussion with/without musical intervention).
  • Limit proposed showcase performances to a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes (20 minutes is perhaps better) and conference presentations to a MAXIMUM of 45 minutes.
  • Proposals should consider the goals of the initiative (see above).
  • Repertoire choice (if applicable) is open. But remember: these are mainstream presenters with very little knowledge of the field. Try to create programmes that build bridges to this audience.
  • Technical details – IMPORTANT!
    • Technical production should be kept as simple as possible.
    • We do not have defined concert spaces reserved at this point. This will happen in the fall. Show flexibility: it might be a concert hall, it might be a club, it might be a hotel meeting room, it might be…???
    • We are currently working with CAPACOA to find the best production spaces and the best times in the conference agenda, to present our work.


  1. Download and complete the MS Word application form.
  2. Submit your application form and a 300 dpi colour promotional photo, to IMPORTANT:  We do not accept other attachments or downloads. We do not accept applications by mail. Please submit the application form in original format (MS Word).


RESULTS: late August, 2014