FORUM 2018 – Discussions & Activities


Soundwalk: New Hermitage

New Hermitage will be presenting is a silent sound walk in the area surrounding the forum and with stops for three music interludes. Every piece will begin with listening in space before patiently and deliberately continuing on to material that develops from the environmental timbres around the group. Through our performance we hope to blur the lines between sound meditation, concert, and everyday life. With mobilization, dissolution, and reuniting of the ensemble, this format also questions the divide between performer and audience. Our presentation is a way of sharing the fundamental mindfulness practice that fuels our musical creation.

Workshop: Mapping Community Music across Canada

Community Music, musics made with and by members of the public, is a grassroots movement gaining momentum around the world. Practitioners develop strategies unique to their own interests and talents that respond best to people with whom they are working, producing a multiplicity of techniques and approaches. To fully understand current Community Music practices throughout the country, we seek to know what is going on – with whom, what and how Community Music is being made. This introduction and workshop proposes a mapping exercise and subsequent knowledge exchange activity to gain an understanding of current Community Music practices in Canada and beyond.


Discussion #1: WHY

Why is inter-arts practice on the rise in the new music community?

To open FORUM 2018, a discussion of interdisciplinarity from broad sociological, historical and cultural perspectives that also touches upon the role of new technologies

  • Sandeep Bhagwati
  • Anne Goldenberg
  • Elke Moltrecht (Academy of the Arts of the World)
  • Will Robinson
  • Isabella Stefanescu (Inter Arts Martix)

Moderator: Ruth Howard

Discussion #2: ENSEMBLE

What are the essentials of a practice between the arts? What leads to success and how to build meaningful and fruitful works together?

A discussion of the practical aspects of programming and performing interdisciplinary and collectively created works.

  • Linda Bouchard
  • L’Orchestre des hommes orchestres (2 representatives)
  • Patrick Saint-Denis

Moderator: Sandeep Bhagwati

Discussion #3: CULTURES

Are inter-arts practices particularly suited to cross-cultural dialogue, and what kind of difficulties do they set up?

A discussion about crossing and celebrating cutures and disciplines.

  • Andrew Balfour
  • Gabriel Dharmoo
  • Evelin Ramon
  • Lou Sheppard
  • Lan Tung

Moderator: Gayle Young

Discussion #4: INTERNATIONAL

This discussion will be curated by Pierrette Gingras of Groupe Le Vivier, from members of New Music Cartel, who will also be holding their annual meeting parallel to the FORUM. New Music Cartel is a group of 35+ producers/presenters from Canada, Europe and the USA.

More details soon!

Discussion #5: SOLO

In a culture that advocates increasing specialization, how to flourish as an artist between disciplines that require such multiple skills and knowledge?

A discussion with a range of independent and polyvalent artists.

  • Marcelle Hudon
  • Ona Kamu
  • Megumi Masaki
  • Jacques Poulin-Denis

Moderator: Juliet Palmer

Discussion #6: COMMUNITY

What are the strategies and benefits of inter-arts projects in creating greater connections with our audiences and communities?

A discussion with artists and presenters deeply embedded and invested in community practice.

  • Ruth Howard (Jumblies Theatre)
  • Émilie Monnet (Indigenous Contemporary Scene)
  • Luke Nickel (Cluster Festival)
  • Niilo Tarnanen (Korvat Auki)
  • Christopher Willes (Public Recordings)
  • Matthias Engler (Ensemble Adapter)

Moderator: Jerry Pergolesi