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Exam­ple: Emi­ly Hall — Com­pos­er • Admin­is­tra­tive Direc­tor, CNMN (QC)


Reg­is­tra­tion includes two onsite buf­fet lunch­es. To help with cater­ing orders, please indi­cate the meals you will attend:
We’ll try our best to accommodate.

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The FORUM is pro­vid­ing lan­guage facil­i­ta­tion to sup­port com­mu­ni­ca­tion in both offi­cial lan­guages. To help us meet your needs, please respond to the fol­low­ing questions.

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Note: If you answered Yes or Maybe, we will con­tact you to dis­cuss. It’s a won­der­ful oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­nect even more with FORUM participants.

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We will dis­trib­ute the email address­es and web sites of FORUM par­tic­i­pants. Please note, this infor­ma­tion is dis­sem­i­nat­ed to FORUM par­tic­i­pants only. In the inter­est of con­tin­u­ing net­work­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties, we hope you agree to participate.


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