The biennial Forum is CNMN’s most important national networking activity. The meeting is a combination of presentations, demonstrations, professional development sessions, open discussion environments and networking opportunities.  It is designed to be of interest and of value to all members of the community – composers, performers, ensembles, producers, educators, improvisers, electronic musicians, orchestras…

Each Forum has a specific theme, which helps bring focus to the sessions and respond to what’s on the minds of the new music community. It is an opportunity for our scattered community to come together in person for 4 days and have in-depth discussions about issues that are influencing new creative music and sound in Canada.

Forum 2020: Listen up

Planning for our next Forum is underway! Our 14th edition focuses on different ways we listen and are present in our musical practices, with an interest for activism, ecology and access, while celebrating music beyond conventional concert spaces and structures.

Place: Regina

Dates: May 21-24, 2020

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