From Elisha Denburg (General Manager, CLC) & Matthew Fava (Director – Ontario Region, CMC):

Music and sound are increasingly boundless mediums in artistic practices across Canada, and the communities surrounding these artists are similarly transforming and interacting in exciting ways. We cannot operate on the assumption that a person identifying as a composer in 2017 will have the same training and aspirations as a composer in 1950—indeed, there are countless ways that self-directed or institutional mentorship and study can help to fashion a career in music today.

At the CLC and the CMC, we support and advocate for the careers and conditions of artists. If we are to remain responsive to the ongoing transformations within musical communities, we must understand the context, histories, and practices of artists.

Both the CLC and CMC are excited to participate in this joint effort that is spearheaded by the CNMN to understand the pathways that you and your peers have taken. We strongly encourage our membership, and the wider music community to take part!