New Music Initiative 2015

Canadian New Music at the CAPACOA Conference 2015
January 21-24: Halifax, Nova Scotia

A portion of this year’s conference has been designed with CNMN in mind, with three events on Thursday, January 22:

  • 9:30 AM : How to understand, buy and present new music in Canada. A national panel of new music presenters who will discuss innovation in presentation, with Véronique Lacroix, Lawrence Cherney, Tim Crofts, Gregory Oh and Kyle Brenders (moderator)
  • 1:30 PM : ‘Critical Response’ Workshop + Performance by Gabriel Dharmoo
  • 6:30 PM : Evening Showcase (including Eve Egoyan and David Rokeby, Saint Petersburg and Quatuor Bozzini)

And there are many more activities – check out the full schedule online!

A special CNMN conference rate is being offered to our members, so this would be a great opportunity to connect with fellow CNMN members as well as an impressive array of presenters from Canada and abroad.

CAPACOA is Canada’s largest network of arts presenters, and represents over 250 major companies and theatres, presenting music and other arts to millions of Canadians each year.

These events are designed to change how presenters view and present Canadian new music, to further the long-term goal of fundamentally engaging in and changing the national presenting ecology.

Visit the CAPACOA web site for detailed information and online registration.

We hope to see you there!