Canadian New Music Concert #2

  • Friday, November 8th, 2013, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Red Roof Church, 137 President Kennedy
  • Stay for light refreshments after the show, and for an informal meet & greet with artists and IAMA delegates.
  • Free and open to the public.

From the haunting beauty of delicate solo piano works to the high-energy structured improvisations of a little big band and the precision of a fine-tuned chamber ensemble, this concert focuses on the dramatic contrasts and impressive scope of new music that is being made in Canada in 2013. Event page on the IAMA Montréal 2013 site


ARTefact – Montréal, Québec
Simon Aldrich, clarinet; Louise Bessette, piano; Yegor Dyachkov, cello; Marie-Ève Poupart, violin.

Le temps des impossibles, Mvt I (2008) by Nicolas Gilbert – 8’
Lark’s-Heel (2012) by Michael Oesterle – 12’
           I- Prelude
           II- A gentle groove
           III- In motion
           IV- Uphill
           V- Conversation
           VI- Weightless waltzing
           VII- Parade
           VIII- Nostalgia
           IX- Pursuit
           X- Delicate clockwork
           XI- Hide and seek
           XII- Nocturnal

Eve Egoyan, piano – Toronto, Ontario

Simple Lines of Enquiry (2008) by Anne Southam  – excerpts (one movement from 12):
           Mvt. I – 4’40”

Nuevas monodias espanolos (1999) by José Evangelista – excerpts (9 movements from 21):
           1 La consagración de Moisés (SEPHARDIC) – 38″
           2 Una vieja tenía una pava (SALAMANCA) – 23″
           3 A la cruz se han juntado (SEGOVIA) – 34″
           4 Somos las mozas de Irún (LEÓN) – 16″
           5 La honra robada (SORIA) – 49″
           6 Saludo (TERUEL) – 23″
           7 No te cases con herrero (BURGOS) – 34″
           8 Ay, mi morena que ya se fue (LEÓN) – 54″
           9 Pastorcito (SALAMANCA) – 36″
Trail (2001) by Stephen Parkinson – excerpts (3 movements from 13):
           8. A Bigger Black Hat – 53″
           9. Saturday Night – 1’20”
           10. Pinkerton Man – 1’38”

Roger Admiral, piano – Edmonton, Alberta

Form Archimage (2001; revised 2010) by Howard Bashaw – 16’
              Prelude – I – Interlude – II – Interlude – III – Postlude

Orkestra futura – Vancouver, British Columbia
DB Boyko – voice; JP Carter  – trumpet;
Mike Dowler – bass clarinet; Chad MacQuerrie – guitar;
Lisa Cay Miller – piano; James Meger – bass; Skye Brooks – drums

Onomatopoeia by Gary Wildeman
by Coat Cooke
wise as serpents 
by Lisa Cay Miller

Programme notes & bios


ARTefact is comprised of four of Canada’s most exciting musicians who share a vision. Drawing from repertoire that crosses centuries, ARTefact’s performances are as riveting as they are engrossing, and are “of the highest intensity, absolutely searing … emotional force in live performance.” Dedicated to the music of today, devoted to the music of yesterday, ARTefact’s imaginative and innovative programming coupled with an unrivalled energy makes them the only group of its kind in Canada. At IAMA, they present two fascinating Montreal composers, Nicolas Gilbert et Michael

Le temps des impossibles (homage to Olivier Messiaen) by Nicolas Gilbert was commissioned for Automne Messiaen, a Montreal project organized by pianist Louise Bessette in 2008 to celebrate the centenary of Messiaen’s birth. Commissioned by ARTefact with the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Lark’s-Heel, by Michael Oesterle:  some words are direct, with direct clear meanings. Lark’s-Heel is not one of them. It is a word, a name, but more than anything, is a suggestion, a metaphor conjoined to a metaphor so rich it has become almost indecipherable. Lark’s-heel is a promise to myself to use the building blocks of well established metaphor, and perhaps it reflects my desire to find significance in every note, or perhaps notes are just notes, words are just words, and birds are… (Michael Oesterle). Commisioned by ARTefact with the financial support of the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.

Roger Admiral

Solo Piano

Canadian pianist Roger Admiral performs solo and chamber music spanning the 18th through the 21st century. Upcoming performances include Gyorgy Ligeti’s Piano Concerto with the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. Recent performances include recitals with baritone Nathan Berg at Lincoln Center, violinist Guillaume Tardif at Carnegie Hall, contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux, violinist Ilya Kaler, Bradyworks, Toronto New Music, Ensemble 1534, and the piano works of Iannis Xenakis for Vancouver New Music.

The IAMA showcase features a multi-movement work by Alberta composer Howard BashawForm Archimage includes three contrasting sections (toccata; celestarium; virtuosic finale with Jacob’s Ladder) partitioned by recurring material in its Prelude, Interludes and Postlude. This work was written at the request of Marc Couroux.

Eve Egoyan

Solo Piano

Eve Egoyan has firmly established herself as an internationally recognized interpreter of contemporary piano concert music. She has won numerous awards and consistently receives amazing accolades for her performances and recordings. Renowned composers James Tenney (U.S./Canada), Alvin Curran (U.S.), Ann Southam (Canada), Maria de Alvear (Germany), Michael Finnissy (Britain) and Jo Kondo (Japan) have written for her amongst others. She continues to commission new works and is presently exploring writing for herself. | Promotional Flyer – PDF

All works on this showcase were written for Eve by composers Ann Southam, Stephen Parkinson and José Evangelista. They give a taste of three possible concert programmes: (1) Simple Lines of Enquiry, (2) New music inspired by folklore and (3) Experimental works by Canadian composers. Eve will describe these, as well as a programme for disklavier and real-time image. Eve will provide USB of excerpts of her audio work and work with image.

Eve’s recording of Ann Southam‘s transparent and contemplative Simple Lines of Enquiry was selected by Alex Ross of the New Yorker magazine as one of ten top classical discs of 2009. José Evangelista transposes regional Spanish songs to the piano, augmenting their filigree by dispersing notes across the piano’s range. Stephen Parkinson writes music that is audaciously creative, directly expressive and extreme.

Orkestra futura

The NOW Society introduces Orkestra Futura. NOW has been one of Canada’s premier improvising ensembles since its inception in 1977.

“…one of the finest large creative ensembles active in the last twenty years. The combinations of high levels of individual creativity and virtuosity with a strong sense of collectivity is a rare and treasured combination…” – George Lewis, Earshot Magazine, (Seattle, USA)

Under the direction of Coat Cooke and Lisa Cay Miller, Orkestra Futura continues to perform cutting edge programs of improvisation-based collaborative music featuring work that embraces technology, dance, spoken word, imagery and sound.

Their IAMA program showcases exerpts from gaphic pieces by ensemble members Lisa Cay Miller and Coat Cooke, as well as music by graphic novelist Gary Wildeman.