Canadian New Music Concert #1

  • Thursday, November 7th, 2013, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Red Roof Church, 137 President Kennedy
  • Stay for light refreshments after the show, and for an informal meet & greet with artists and IAMA delegates.
  • Free and open to the public.

Two extraordinary flute virtuosi and an exciting young string quartet perform compelling chamber works that span the work of creative Canadian artists across the generations, across the geography of the country, and across stylistic boundaries. A great introduction to what Canadian composers are doing from coast to coast. Event page on the IAMA Montréal 2013 site.


Fiolûtröniq – Montréal, Québec, Canada
Cléo Palacio-Quintin, flutes and Elin Söderström, viola da gamba,
with Katelyn Clark, harpsichord

Les Folles Alliées: Variations on La Folia  –
La Folia (Theme) – 45”
La Violia (excerpt) by Grégoire Jeay – 45”
song I by Eric km Clark – 3’30”
Folie à Deux by Emily Doolittle – 4’
Non Compos Mentis by Kimberly Shepherd – 4’
Five Stages of Insanity According to bzh April 10, 2008 by Stacey Brown – 6’
                 1. A funk I can’t shake 2. Sleep that won’t come no matter what I do.
                3. Exhausted. Weary. Whiny. 5. Stark-raving lunatic bitch.

Emily Carr String Quartet – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Commedia dell’Arte (2010) by Ana Sokolovic – 10’
                 1. Il Dottore  2. Colombina  3. Il Capitano
Stories from Klee Wyck,  Mvt. 6 “The Stare” (2011) by Tobin Stokes – 4’

Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

 Foundry (1991) by Paul Steenhuisen – 9’30”
Three Reflections on Pride, mvt 3 (2011) by Owen Underhill – 3’15”
Lachrymose by Derek Charke – 7’

Programme notes & bios

credit: Jack McKeown

Mark Takeshi McGregor

Solo Flute

Hailed in the press for his “huge physical energy” (Victoria Times Colonist), flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor has performed across North America, Europe, Australia, and Israel, including appearances at Festival Montréal-Nouvelles Musiques, Music Gallery (Toronto), Vancouver New Music Festival, New Works Calgary, Athelas New Music Festival (Copenhagen), and the Internationale A•DEvantgarde-Festival (Munich).

A dedicated performer of the music of our time and a particularly outspoken advocate of new Canadian music, McGregor’s IAMA program showcases his versatility on a number of flutes (concert flute, alto flute, piccolo), his fluency in both conventional and extended performance techniques, and his ability to communicate through a wide spectrum of contrasting musical styles. The program features composers from across the country, Paul SteenhuisenOwen Underhill and Derek

Paul Steenhuisen‘s Foundry is a virtuosic tour-de-force for solo flute, challenging the instrument’s bucolic stereotype by presenting it in its most basic state: a hollow metal tube full of rasping air.

Owen Underhill‘s Three Reflections on Pride is taken from a larger set of solo flute pieces entitled Seven Deadly Sins, in which McGregor asked various Canadian composers to each write a new work inspired by a deadly sin. The third movement of Underhill’s work exploits the darker, sensual colours of the alto flute. Three Reflections on Pride was written especially for McGregor in 2011.

Derek Charke‘s Lachrymose is arguably one of the most important solo piccolo pieces to have been written in recent years. Lachrymose explores the sensual and lyrical side of the solo piccolo, but its most striking aspect is the use of the performers voice.

credit: Pascal Lysaught


Cléo Palacio-Quintin, flutes
Elin Söderström, viola da gamba
with Katelyn Clark, harpsichord

Fiolûtröniq come together with harpsichordist Katelyn Clark to present selections from their programme Les Folles Alliées, featuring composers from across Canada such as Grégoire Jeay, Eric km Clark, Emily Doolittle, Kimberly Shepherd and Stacey Brown.

Active in early and contemporary music throughout North America and Europe, Fiolûtröniq attracts attention wherever they perform due to the originality and quality of their artistic projects. Flutist-composer Cléo Palacio-Quintin and violist Elin Söderström have worked together since 2006, exploring and developing their musical language and collaborating with guest performers and composers. The duo also explores the possibilities of combining a new interactive instrument, the hyper-flute, with a historic instrument, the viola da gamba, to create new music that integrates contemporary digital technologies with acoustic performance.

Harpsichordist Katelyn Clark has premiered over 100 compositions by composers from Canada and abroad and has performed across Europe and Canada, appearing at such diverse festivals as the Vancouver New Music Festival, Musica Antigua de Barcelona, and Festival Medièval d’Elx. She has been an artist in residence at the Banff Centre (Canada), NES (Iceland) and OMI (USA).

Les Folles Alliées: Variations on La Folia: Folles alliées is a play on words meaning “crazy allies,” but also “folles à lier” (raving mad). The programme brings together Canadian composers of various styles, origins, and ages who were asked to compose works inspired by the La Folia theme. The result: a dynamic collection of short works that exploit the different combinations and subsets of instruments available to the ensemble (including electronics), and a programme flexible to the needs of the venue. In its earliest form, La Folia (meaning ‘mad’ or ’empty-headed’) was a Portuguese folk dance named for its rapid and noisy character that led the dancers to appear out of their mind. For the composers, the repeated harmonic and melodic material of the dance became a popular source of variations, exploiting the extreme virtuosity of the instrumentalists, thereby demanding a certain amount of madness on the part of the performers, perhaps reminiscent of the Portuguese dancers…

Emily Carr String Quartet

Müge Büyükçelen-Badel, violin 1
Cory Balzer, violin 2
Mieka Michaux, viola
Alasdair Money, cello

Formed in 2006 by members of the Victoria Symphony, the Emily Carr String Quartet has performed in North America, Europe and Asia, collaborating with artists such as William Preucil, Jamie Parker, Arthur Rowe, the Alcan Quartet and the Tin Alley Quartet. The ECSQ has been featured on CBC radio’s North by Northwest and their CD “Hidden Treasure” was nominated for the 2012 classical recording of the year at the Western Canadian music awards. The IAMA program features music by Montréal’s Ana Sokolovic and Victoria B.C.’s Tobin

Commedia dell’arte by Ana Sokolovic was co-commissioned by the Banff Centre and CBC radio for the Banff International String Quartet Competition 2010. In this piece, each movement was inspired by one of the characters from the Commedia dell’arte.

Stories from Klee Wyck by Tobin Stokes was commissioned by the Victoria Symphony for its 2011/2012 season. The piece, inspired by the writings of the artist Emily Carr, was composed for symphony orchestra, string quartet, narrator and mezzo-soprano. It consists of ten movements three of which feature solo string quartet.