Annual Reports – AGM 2017

MeetingImageWhat are committees and who is on them? Since 2009, various committees have formed, sometimes on a casual basis, sometimes on a more continuous basis. They exist to focus-in on particular issues – around areas of concern for the new music community at large (such as the Public Engagement Committee and the Digital Content Initiative) or CNMN in particular (such as the Official Languages Committee). Or, they can be based around a particular upcoming activity (such as the FORUM 2018 Steering Committee). Anyone can be on a committee, but one representative from the Board of Directors (see our web site) is required. Members can propose other committees to a member of the board.

The following reports were delivered at our Annual General Meeting on December 4, 2018 at Le Vivier in Montreal.

President’s Report
Survey 2017 Project Report
Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report
FORUM 2018 Steering Committee Report
Touring Network Committee Report
Equity & Diversity Committee Report
Official Languages Committee Report
Public Engagement Committee Report

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