23rd edition CNMN Bulletin – October 2016


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Presenting the new CNMN Board of Directors 2016 – 2018
Outgoing President’s Report / Season 2015-16, Kyle Brenders
Message from the New President, Jennifer Waring

AGM Annual Reports (Season 2015-16) from the CNMN Committees

The Language Committee Annual Report
Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Annual and Fall Report
FORUM 2016 AGM Report
Public Engagement Committee Annual Report

Welcome New Members – October 2016
Membership Dues 2016-17

Members’ Corner – How to Submit
Want to get to know Circuit?


23rd edition CNMN Bulletin – October 2016

  • Presenting the new CNMN Board of Directors 2016 – 2018

    Those who attended our 2016 AGM would have heard, but we wanted everyone to have a chance to hear the great news!

    The membership voted Jennifer Waring as the new president of CNMN. In this bulletin, read Jennifer’s first president’s message

    Subsequently, the board voted for the rest of the executive: Juliet Palmer as vice-president, Po Yeh as secretary and Sean Clarke as secretary.

    A full list of board members by regional representation is available here.

    Visit our Board of Directors page to read what our board members have to say about CNMN, as well as their bios.


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  • Outgoing President’s Report / Season 2015-16, Kyle Brenders

    Kyle Brenders

    Report submitted at the 2016 AGM (October 2016)

    This is the final report I’ll be doing during my tenure as President of CNMN. I’ve been honoured and humbled to take the helm of the organization. I really hope that the work I’ve put in will have a lasting effect on the future of the network.

    This years activities were centred mainly on our FORUM in Ottawa this past January. I was incredibly pleased with the activities that happened during the FORUM and was impressed by the scope of members that attended. I hope that conversations were started there and have continued, that friendships and professional relationships were established or strengthened, and that we all felt a little closer to one another even though we’re spread across this massive country. Please read a more substantial run down report in the FORUM report.

    By the end of last season, our total membership was up by 44, which is more than double the rate of growth from the previous season (at the end of 2014-15, it was up by 19), which tells us membership engagement and CNMN as a collective force continues to grow.

    Another initiative, the enormous and long-term Digital Content Initiative continued its efforts, and this will be covered in more depth in the DCI report.

    2016 was an election year. We say good-bye to long-time board members Stacey Brown, Louise Campbell, Jim Montgomery, Heidi Ouellette and myself. It was also the first opportunity to implement By-Laws revised in September 2014, allowing board expansion from 12 to 15 members. This meant a second seat for the B.C. region and two new seats specifically for non-regional representation, allowing for more flexibility. A record number of eight new members will join seven returning members. We did not actually hold a ballot vote – all 15 self-nominees were received by acclamation. The new board will mark the first time in CNMN’s history that women outweigh men 8 to 7.

    Some of you may know we were recently successful in obtaining core funding from the Canada Council, after having project funding for some time. This milestone will hopefully provide some financial security for all of the future activities we take on. It’s a solid base and a good sign of support from one of the country’s largest funders. I’m incredibly please that I can leave CNMN knowing that this support is in place. Always remember if you need information about funders that you can reach out to the board. CNMN is an arts service organization and one of our services is to advocate for funding and support for our members.

    There were also day-to-day matters such as memberships, Bulletins, applying for grants, budget management and bookkeeping, other ongoing administration as well as future planning.

    Thank you to the members of the board and staff, members of the network, and to all our collaborators and funders for what you do to ensure that CNMN continues to work for new music in Canada.

    During my time as president I’ve tried to understand the full scope of our organization. The inclusive nature of CNMN is something we should be proud of. We must remember to continue to be inclusive and equitable to all members. It’s a challenge to make sure we keep our conversations relevant and open to everyone. We should reach out to each other and try to support one another’s work. Go see a show, buy a recording, anything that we can do to support each other across the country can go a long way to feeling more connected as members of the network.

    Thank You
    Kyle Brenders


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  • Message from the New President, Jennifer Waring

    I am proud and a little overawed to find myself the new president of CNMN. I look forward to working with you in building on CNMN’s great work over the past decade. Through initiatives such as the FORUM, it has become an important force for new music in Canada, a true unifier.

    My approach will be to further strengthen the centre of the organization while tapping the energy and ingenuity of its membership.

    As President, I will work to increase funding – after a decade of hard work in mounting transformational events, CNMN’s role in the new music community is well established and there’s no reason that this shouldn’t be reflected in its grants. But part of revenue increases should come from increased membership; therefore there will be an emphasis on improving communications with the community at large as well as the existing membership.

    Other priorities are: expanding off-forum year activities; ensuring a diverse membership – continuing to reach out to people in the new music community who do not yet know they have a home in CNMN; and continuing to develop international ties for the benefit of the Canadian new music community.

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  • AGM Annual Reports (Season 2015-16) from the CNMN Committees

    What are committees and who is on them? Since 2009, various committees have formed, sometimes on a casual basis, sometimes on a more continuous basis. They exist to focus-in on particular issues – around areas of concern for the new music community at large (such as the Public Engagement Committee and the Digital Content Initiative) or CNMN in particular (such as The Language Committee). Or, they can be based around a particular upcoming activity (such as the FORUM 2016 Steering Committee). Anyone can be on a committee, but one representative from the Board of Directors (see our web site) is required. Members can propose other committees to a member of the board.

    The Language Committee Annual Report
    Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Annual and Fall Report
    FORUM 2016 AGM Report
    Public Engagement Committee Annual Report


    Direct link: AGM Annual Reports (Season 2015-16) from the CNMN Committees
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  • The Language Committee Annual Report for AGM 2016


    Report submitted by Stacey Brown (October 2016)

    Committee Members: Stacey Brown (Chair), Jérôme Blais, Louise Campbell

    The goal of the Language Committee is to support CNMN in maintaining its commitment to bilingualism, by promoting awareness of language issues, assisting from time to time with minor translation needs and, every two years, fulfilling various kinds of language facilitation roles at our national FORUMS (for a recent example, see FORUM 2016. Committee members are invited to reflect on ways in which we can facilitate communications in both official languages and continue building a national network that can really “speak” to all our members.

    Through the 2015-16 season, we as a committee have continued to work behind the scenes for CNMN, responding to small translation requests as they arise and planning for language facilitation at FORUM 2016. Thus, in January 2016, Language Coordinator Louise Campbell and committee members provided all facets of language facilitation at FORUM 2016 in Ottawa, along with the participation of CNMN staff members and a substantial team of volunteer language facilitators. Thank you once again to every member of the language facilitation team for your involvement and your generosity.

    This committee is actively seeking members who might be interested in participating in any of the above discussions and activities, and you don’t need to be on the Board to be a committee member! We are also continuing to build a list of CNMN members who are willing to occasionally assist with some volunteer translation towards their mother tongue (English, or French).

    Why join the CNMN language committee? Here is what one of our committee members, Jérôme Blais, responds: “Bilingualism is important for Canadian organizations that aim at a being truly national, and CNMN has always taken this very seriously. Despite limited means, but with dedicated volunteers, I believe we succeed in this mission and it makes me very proud. What I also like about this committee is the discussions it triggers. In order to find the right translation for a given text, we often need to reflect on its true meaning, which I find quite stimulating.”

    Questions? Thinking about getting involved in the Language Committee? We’d love to hear your ideas!

    For more information, please contact CNMN Administrative Director Emily Hall

    Past bulletin entries from this committee

    The Language Committee Report – June 2016 (n° 22)
    The Language Committee Report – October 2015 (n° 21)
    The Language Committee Report – May 2015 (n° 20)


    Direct link: The Language Committee Annual Report – October 2016
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  • Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Annual and Fall Report

    Submitted by Tim Brady, chair (October 2016)

    Annual Report – Season 2015-16

    The DCI is an ambitious, long-term project that began in 2012 with funding through the Canada Council’s Leadership for Change program. The DCI seeks to provide high-quality, professional resources for the recording, dissemination, promotion and distribution of Canadian specialized music, in digital content (ie. audio, video). Recorded / live-streaming music dissemination is undergoing a big change, and the radical cutback and policy changes at the CBC/SRC mean Canadian artists no longer have a strong digital presence, which means a big loss in getting their music to the public both nationally and internationally.

    In short, CNMN revved up its game in the 2015-16 season. More meetings with Canadian Heritage and high-level policy officials took place. Working with elected representatives to secure political support is essential for a $3.5 million proposal of public money. Building connections with private broadcasters – our CRTC approved program will give them the tax credits they want – and working towards funding diversification and a larger group of committed partners increases the prospects for success in the long-term.

    DCI 2015-16 activities at-a-glance:

    • July / August 2016 – meetings with Stingray, CMC, Canadian Federation of Musicians, Le Vivier and empreintes digitales
    • June 2016 – fourth meeting (in 2 years) with the Department of Canadian Heritage to speak with high-level policy officials
    • May/June 2016 – more meetings with members of Parliament to get their support
    • 2016 – meetings with members of Parliament across Canada to get their support
    • 2015 – meetings with Dept. of Canadian Heritage
    • July 2015 – Tim Brady presents DCI at the bi-annual Banff Opera Colloquium with Opera.ca
    • July 2015 – meeting with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), and obtained their approval for the project so that it is eligible for Canadian Content Tax credits (critical for private support)

    Activity since April 2016 (up until October 2016)

    In late August 2016, DCI Chair Tim Brady had meetings with DCI partners in both Montréal and Toronto, updating them on ideas, issues and timelines.  Our partners still feel this is an important issue.  We are also still talking to CBC. The CBC will not change their position – no more live music, especially no more specialized music (regardless of the new funding)!  But there may be ways to partner with them in the long run, if and when the project gets rolling.  It is worth keeping the lines of communication open.

    The DCI submitted a grant application to the Canada Council for a follow-up “Leadership for Change” grant this fall, to help us begin to prepare for the next phase of the project: building contacts, building a Digital Content-ready database, and building a promotional structure and strategy.  This will feed into a Department of Canadian Heritage proposal we are planning on submitting in the Spring of 2017 for more complete infrastructure support.

    We continue to talk to members of parliament and are hoping to discuss issues around the project with senior staff at the Department of Canadian Heritage in the late Fall 2016. We are also discussing this project with the Canada Council, in relationship to their new funding, and their upcoming digital content project (2017 – 2018). The Department of Canadian Heritage is also doing a very large-scale “digital content review” process, so our timing is good for connecting with these initiatives.

    This is a complex process, but our current plan is for some sort of concrete results in place by 2018.  Wish us all luck!

    Want to help? Connect with your local MPs to get their support for the DCI. Contact me for more information: tim@timbrady.ca.

    Read past bulletin entries from this committee:

    Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report – June 2016 (n° 22)

    Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report – October 2015 (n° 21)
    Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report – May 2015 (n° 20)
    Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Study: The Benefits of Musical Creation (n° 20)
    Digital Content Initiative (DCI) Report – Dec 2014 (n° 19)
    Specialised Music Digital Content Creation Project (n° 18)


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  • FORUM 2016 AGM Report


    Submitted by Jennifer Waring, October 2016

    FORUM 2016, Ottawa January 14-17, was the most broad-based that CNMN has ever mounted, both in range of practice and also in diversity of practitioner. Its success was evident from the first presentations, and is measured also in preliminary discussions on broad range of projects that it has spawned.


    The Music School, University of Ottawa was hosting partner, providing facilities and tech; the School for Studies in Art and Culture, Carleton University helped bring Pauline Oliveros to FORUM 2016, and along with the Ottawa New Music Creators, presented one of the evening concerts; the National Arts Centre Orchestra provided steering committee input and evening concert programming.

    The theme

    New Music and the Mainstream came out of an interest in examining the relationship between creative music in the “classical stream” and other creative musics, at a time when distinctions are becoming blurred and traditional labels becoming meaningless. And all these issues became part of a major thread of discussion throughout the FORUM: diversity, of practice and of practitioner.


    There were a total of forty-nine individuals programmed, thirty-eight percent coming from the Call for Proposals.

    • Keynote address by Pauline Oliveros – a challenge to those in music and the arts to become agents of change in a world that needs fixing.
    • Six wide-ranging panels
    • Ten presentations (mini-talks, workshops, dialogues and demonstrations) that came from the Open Call for Proposals
    • Ten portraits of organizations from across Canada, the UK and the Netherlands
    • Two education-themed demonstrations
    • Open networking and community development sessions
    • Closing plenary session


    The energy given off by a room of creative people, the synergy of their interactions, the possibility of collaboration that comes with new connection, the boost this kind of experience gives in the middle of a busy season: these are all immediate effects of CNMN’s FORUMs and the 2016 edition was no exception.   Also evident was extraordinary good will, the courage to be honest and the skill at being sensitive to other viewpoints and realities. The concentrated experience of this dynamic is the kind of thing that can help change the culture of how we do new music.

    In terms of projects, there are already concrete outcomes materializing:

    • Joe Bates (UK) is speaking with different presenters in Canada about Filthy Lucre pop-up productions.
    • Henk Heuvelmans (NL) is in discussion with Canadian counterparts on projects.
    • Koen Kaptijn       (NL) has possibilities for Canadian performances.
    • Sarah Albu has made connections with Juliet Palmer (Toronto) and Jennifer Waring (Hamilton/Amsterdam) on two different projects.

    And there are undoubtedly many more.

    Though FORUM 2016 was unquestionably a great success, at the time there were some significant organizational challenges. The new board, along with staff, will be looking at ways to ensure the next event can be as seamless for those working behind the scenes as it is for the delegates.


    In the collaborative and cooperative spirit that marks CNMN’s operations, many people contributed critically to the success of the forum. This includes the steering committee, the capable staff, board members who brought experience of previous forums, new board members, staff and volunteers who brought new energy, and of course partners and funders.

    As co-chair of FORUM 2016, I would like to acknowledge them all individually, with my sincere thanks.

    Partners, funders: School of Music at the University of Ottawa, the School for Studies in Art and Culture at Carleton University, the National Arts Centre Orchestra, FACTOR, the Government of Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, Internaitonal Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), SOCAN Foundation, Ottawa New Music Creators

    Steering committee: Kyle Brenders and Jennifer Waring (co-chairs), Jesse Stewart (Carleton University), Stefani Truant (National Arts Centre Orchestra), Stacey Brown (CNMN board), Lori Burns (University of Ottawa)

    Production and administration staff: Geof Holbrook (FORUM 2016 Production Manager), Emily Hall (CNMN Administrative Director), Ananda Suddath (general assistant), Cléo Palacio-Quintin (Bookkeeping), Louise Campbell (production assistant), François Couture (translation), Clément Topping (grants), Hali Krawchuk (University of Ottawa), Julie Fast (Redhouse Design) 

    MC’s, Time Keepers, stage managing, welcome team (volunteer): Norm Adams, Tim Brady, Kyle Brenders, Louise Campbell, David Pay, Jesse Stewart, Alain Perron, Mengyuan Shi, Jennifer Waring, Po Yeh

    Language Facilitation (volunteer): Louise Campbell (coordinator), Sarah Albu, Michel Beaudry, Sandeep Bhagwati, Stacey Brown, Alissa Cheung, Bruno De Cat, Jonathan Goldman, Véronique Lacroix, Marc-Olivier Lamontagne, Suzie Leblanc, Claire Marchand, Clemens Merkel, Stephanie Moore, Fran Slingerland

    Call For Proposals – Jury: Stacey Brown (QC) chair, André Cormier (NB), Heidi Ouellette (MB), Christopher Reiche (BC)

    Organizations who helped promote FORUM 2016: Circuit, Canadian League of Composers, Groundswell, Music on Main, Ensemble Transmission, Productions SuperMusique, Western Front New Music

    Read the FORUM 2016 Wrap-Up article
    Read what others had to say: Souvenirs from FORUM 2016.


    Direct link: FORUM 2016 AGM Report
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  • Public Engagement Committee Annual Report – October 2016


    Submitted by Louise Campbell, October 2016

    The Public Engagement Committee was comprised of Tawnie Olson, Jennifer Waring and chaired by Louise Campbell. The main activities in the 2015-16 year were publicizing success stories in the bulletin of current projects in public engagement in new music.

    Public engagement was also a big topic in the FORUM 2016 in both presentations and informal discussions of how to reach out to, engage with, and facilitate a wider public in listening to and making their own new music. One idea that was thrown around during the FORUM and since is the potential for CNMN to spearhead a Canada-wide public engagement project in which communities from across Canada are brought together in a collaborative creation project.

    Anyone who is interested in either sitting on this committee or discussing this project, please contact me by email at mlouisecampbell@gmail.com

    Read more from this committee:

    Creative Music Education Online Resources
    Public Engagement Committee Report – June 2016 (n° 22)
    The Virtual MegaBand – June 2016 (n° 22)
    Public Engagement Committee Report – October 2015 (n° 21)
    Public Engagement in Schools – Lindsay Place High School (n° 21)
    Public Engagement Committee Report – May 2015 (n° 20)
    Curatorial and Art Criticism students meet Continuum in The OCADU Project (n° 20)
    Public Engagement Committee Report – Dec. 2014 (n° 19)
    I.S.S. Is Somebody Singing (n° 16)
    Toronto’s New Music 101 (n° 16)
    Youth/Music Education Committee Reports (p. 5-6) – 13th edition (pdf)


    Direct link: Public Engagement Committee Annual Report – October 2016
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  • Welcome New Members – October 2016

    Since June 2016, CNMN’s membership has grown by 11 members. More members in our network means stronger representation and connection for our community. We warmly welcome all our new members, and we hope this marks the beginning of a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration.

    The new members are listed below, many of which have web sites for further information. We also hope all our members get a chance to check each other out – you can access a full list of members on our web site, viewable by category, region or name.

    Who will be the next new member?

    New Voting Members

    Rose Bolton ON http://www.rosebolton.com/
    Marc-Olivier Lamontagne QC http://molamontagne.com/

    New Supporting Members

    Viktoria Grynenko ON
    Laura Jacyna AB
    Tim Crabtree QC http://www.paperbeatscissors.com/
    Michael Fitzgerald ON
    Paul Steenhuisen AB http://www.paulsteenhuisen.org
    Kate Osborne ON
    Brian Gracie BC
    Sabrina Schröder UK http://www.sabrinaschroeder.com/
    Brigitte Poulin QC http://brigittepoulin.ca/en/

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  • Membership Dues 2016-17

    We sent out membership invoices by email in September. Membership dues for the 2016-2017 period are still coming in. Did you receive your invoice? For those who haven’t paid yet, you can settle your dues by cheque through the mail, or by credit card (PayPal) on our web site. It is greatly appreciated.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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  • Members’ Corner – How to Submit

    Want to submit to the next CNMN bulletin?

    Download the Submission Guidelines available at the top of our main NEWS page:



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  • Want to get to know Circuit?

    couv-circuit-26-2-ep-684-mm-hrThe CNMN and Circuit, musiques contemporaines, continue their partnership to provide CNMN members access to a significant discount subscription rate to Circuit.

    Want to get to know Circuit? Check out the collection at www.revuecircuit.ca/collection. You will find, for example:

    • Électrouacoustique 1 & 2 (13.1, 2002; 13.2, 2003)
    • Musique in situ (17.3, 2007)
    • Claude Vivier, 25 ans après (18.3, 2008)
    • Stockhausen au Québec (19.2, 2009)
    • Pionniers canadiens de la lutherie électronique (19.3, 2009)
    • Du spirituel dans l’art ? (21.1, 2011)
    • Ana Sokolovic (22.3, 2012)
    • La musique des objets (23.1, 2013)
    • Fausto Romitelli (24.3, 2014)
    • Empreintes écologiques (25.2, 2015)
    • Tzadik (25.3, 2015)
    • Commissioning a work: mechanisms and influences (26.2, 2016)

    Special subscription discount: CNMN members can subscribe to vol. 26 or vol. 27 at a special rate of $20 for the first year of their subscription, and then $33 for subsequent years, the equivalent to a student subscription rate.


    Circuit publishes three issues (one volume) each year. Designed as both an art magazine and a means for aesthetic reflection, it is intended for everyone who is concerned by the challenges of contemporary musical and artistic creation. Established in 1989 by Lorraine Vaillancourt, founder and artistic director of the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (in residence at the Université de Montréal), and Jean-Jacques Nattiez, inaugural editor, Circuit publishes French and English articles, papers and reports about contemporary music output in Quebec, North America and beyond.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!


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