Souvenirs from FORUM 2016

Thank you to everyone who shared a FORUM 2016 experience with us!

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From Sonia Stevenson, Artistic Director, Lichfield Festival & St Andrews Voices, UK:

The range of topics covered, the diversity and wealth of experience of those attending, and the excellent organisation of the hosts made for a truly inspiring few days. I came away inspired and invigorated.


From Joe Bates, Artistic Director of Filthy Lukre, UK:

I found [FORUM 2016] inspiring, useful and fun. The quality of discussion was consistently high and combined with an open atmosphere that allowed participants to easily network and have in depth conversations. That this was possible for somebody with no pre-existing network, like myself, is a testimony to the openness of the forum and the friendliness of the members. It has also yielded practical results. The conference was sophisticated in its discussion of diversity and inclusion due to the readily apparent efforts taken by its organisers. I have returned to the UK with a set of clearly defined actions to take and the links to evidence their efficacy. This will help both my organisation and the communities we serve.


From Frank Horvat, composer/pianist, Toronto:

I regularly attend many music conferences … [FORUM 2016] was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by attendees who feel equally as passionate about maintaining their creative voice as getting audiences to hear it.


From Curtis Perry, Ottawa New Music Creators:

FORUM 2016 provided indispensible discussion about such wide-ranging issues as marketing, presentation, attending to diverse programming with sensitivity, effective community engagement, and more. I learned about the experiences of organizers, artists, and other professionals from across Canada and abroad that I will be carrying forward as an integral part of my professional development. There is no doubt in my mind that CNMN’s FORUM 2016 was a seminal and invigorating event that further strengthened the standards of professionalism, in all its attendant meanings, for all involved in this artistic practice that we call new music.


From Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive, Sound and Music, UK:

It was wonderful to be … part of such good quality of debate. I met some great contacts and … am confident that it will lead to further exchanges and cooperative activities for all of us.


From Sean Clarke, Composer & Performer, Calgary/Ottawa:

I didn’t have much experience with the CNMN beforehand but found the discussions, panels and presentations very rewarding and thought provoking. By the end of the weekend I was inspired and impressed by the organization and motivated to become more involved. It’s great to have a network like this that’s so committed to Canadian new music in all its forms.


From Ellen Waterman, musician and professor, Memorial University, Newfoundland:

I was inspired by the stimulating discussions about diversity at FORUM 2016. It was truly a thought provoking conference and left me very encouraged and refreshed about the prospects for new music in Canada.


From Laura Kavanaugh & Ian Birse, Instantplaces, Hull:

As independent artists we welcomed the chance to meet face-to-face with people we have been in contact with long-distance. We caught up with old friends and made some new ones! By inviting Pauline Oliveros and Ione as special guests, the CNMN showed us an openness to artists who embrace hybridity and experimentation and embody new-world ways of working/feeling/being.


From Henk Heuvelmans, Director of Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht:

Though many of the topics of [FORUM 2016] are similar to the ones we discuss in our part of the world, it was really special to experience how some things are very different in Canada, not only because of the size of the country but especially because of the different history. [It was] good to feel lots of energy to move forward in existing and new co-operations.


From Scott Good, composer • performer – Toronto:

I found the FORUM 2016 to be a very useful and fun event to attend and participate. The rigorous pace, variety of speakers, and general friendly tone were conducive to the spirit of networking and newness. I’m very pleased to have gone.


From Véronique Lacroix, Artistic Director, Ensemble contemporain de Montréal (ECM+):

The FORUM 2016 was very well organized, extremely constructive and participative. The perfect meeting place for Canada’s new music community.


From Mary Kenedi, pianist, Toronto:

[FORUM 2016] was really informative, exciting and provided great opportunities for networking. … I found the whole experience intellectually stimulating, lifting one out of the everyday struggles in this difficult area of cultural life.


From Monica Pearse, Artistic Director, Toy Piano Composers, Toronto:

[FORUM 2016 was] a fantastic place to connect and reconnect with some of the top professionals in new music. A great platform for discussing issues and ideas. Getting to meet so many people from across the country is a real privilege. I also love how the networking feels more natural than at more showcase-y events.


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