A Canadian Deep Listening Retreat, August 2016

Deep_Listening_credit Michel Boucher

Tree Museum Farmhouse at night, photo credit: Michel Boucher

A Canadian Deep Listening Retreat, led by Gayle Young, noted composer, performer and instrument builder, will take place from Friday, August 5 to Sunday, August 7 at The Tree Museum, near the town of Orillia, a 90-minute drive north of Toronto.

Young, an experienced Deep Listening Certificate holder, and associate of Pauline Oliveros, will facilitate retreat activities. What is deep listening? Access more info about this practice at the Deep Listening Institute web site. Young writes about Deep Listening and Oliveros, in this article (PDF – page 18).

The Tree Museum, on the shores of a lake, has sponsored many outdoor art projects over the years. In addition to a renovated farmhouse, there are large expanses of exposed granite bedrock, secluded ponds, and forest. Participants will experience changing early morning and late night soundscapes, and they will collaborate with one another and with the unique sounds and silences of this magnificent Canadian Shield ecosystem.

Cost before June 15: $225 CAD per person
Cost after June 15: $250 CAD per person

Includes vegetarian meals, use of the facility, accommodation, and instructor’s fee. Tents will be available to participants who register after the bedrooms are filled.

Contact gayleyoungworks@gmail.com for further information, and to register.


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