Welcome New Members – October 2015

Since May 2015, CNMN’s membership has grown by 10 members. More members in our network means stronger representation and connection for our community. We warmly welcome all our new members, and we hope this marks the beginning of a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration.

The new members are listed below, many of which have web sites for further information. We also hope all our members get a chance to check each other out – you can access a full list of members on our web site, viewable by category, region or name.

Who will be the next new member?

New Voting Members

Architek Percussion QC http://www.architekpercussion.com/

New Supporting Members

Erin Bardua NB http://www.erinbardua.com/
Ross Braes BC http://www.musiconnex.com/
Colin Labadie ON http://www.colinlabadie.com/
Austin Leung Hong Kong http://www.soundcloud.com/austin-leung
Karen McKenzie BC http://www.cooperstudioswr.com/
François Mouillot QC
Linda Purves AB http://www.ljpurves.ca/
Vahram Sargsyan QC http://www.vahramsargsyan.com/
Andrea Tyniec ON http://www.andreatyniec.ca/


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