Message from the New President, Kyle Brenders

New CNMN President Kyle Brenders

This is my first message going out to all of you as the new president of the network and I want to present you with some thoughts I’ve had about the future of CNMN.

My hope for the next few years is to continue to grow and develop our organization on the path that Tim Brady has set us on. Let me pause and stress part of that last line. I really want to focus that this is the OUR organization.  We are a network. The success of the growth and development of our network only exists if we actively try to connect with one another. The organization is designed to provide formal spaces to meet and connect – such as our FORUM in 2016 and our inclusion as part of this year’s CAPACOA conference. However, where I think we can begin to become stronger is by creating informal spaces that allow us to come together. Take a look at the new list of board members in your region. Send them an email. Have a coffee. Get together and share what your current successes and struggles are. The network is only as strong as its members and I hope, if anything, to strengthen these connections. We all have similar accomplishments and daily grinds. We can all learn from one another if we share in a spirit of openness and collegiality. Most importantly send me an email, ask if I’ll be around your part of the country, or just let me know how it’s going and how the organization can serve you better. Hopefully I can get a chance to meet and talk with you about the future of our organization.


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