2014 Annual General Meeting

Mark your calendar!

Monday, 8 September 2014 – 11 am (Montreal Time)

The CNMN AGM will take place at 11 am (Montreal time) on Monday, 8 September to consider the business listed below. All members are welcome.

Attend in-person or by teleconference

  • In-person: Canadian Music Centre – 1085 Côte du Beaver Hall, #200, Montréal (metro McGill or Square Victoria) — Google map
  • Teleconference (free): details will be emailed to all CNMN members. Let us know if you are attending by phone so that we can provide you with a copy of the meeting documents to approve, if you’re an eligible member.*
  • Will you be attending? We’d love to hear from you: admin@newmusicnetwork.ca

Or vote by proxy

To Eligible* members who cannot attend, you can appoint a member to attend and act on your behalf. Directions – PDF or WORD.

*Eligible members: only members with voting rights in good standing can vote at the meeting. Don’t forget to settle your 2013-2014 membership dues – it’s easy with this online form.


  1. Verification of Quorum and opening of meeting
  2. Elect the secretary of the meeting (nominate and vote)
  3. Approve the Agenda (vote)
  4. Approve minutes from last AGM, of October 23, 2013 (vote)
  5. Receive the President’s Report — Tim Brady reviews the 2013-14 season as CNMN president
  6. Receive the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2014
  7. Appoint the auditor for the financial year 2014-15 (nomination and vote)
  8. Receive the Committee reports of the 2013-14 season
  9. Adopt By-Law Number 2 for the Corporation (vote)
  10. Present the Board of Directors
  11. Elect the CNMN president (nominate and vote)
    – THAT Kyle Brenders be elected president of CNMN
  12. Other business
  13. Adjournment

Following the AGM, the CNMN president, board and committee members will be available to talk about what’s in store this year and the future.