FORUM 2016

New Music and the Mainstream

January 14-17, 2016 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thank you everyone who attended FORUM 2016! Read the wrap-up article as well as what attendees had to say.

Presented by the Canadian New Music Network in collaboration with the School of Music at the University of Ottawa, the School for Studies in Art and Culture at Carleton University, and the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

We are eagerly anticipating FORUM 2016 OTTAWA, Canada’s premiere new music networking event held biennially in a different city each time. Featuring a fascinating combination of presentations, demonstrations, professional development sessions and open discussion environments built around a specific theme. CNMN members pay a reduced registration fee – cheaper than the non-member registration fee even when the cost of CNMN membership is factored in. We aim to attract as many members of the national new music community as possible – please tell everyone you know about it!

Theme: New music and the mainstream

FORUM 2016 examines how new music relates to and functions within the mainstream. But what is new music? And what is the mainstream? And beyond the relationship of new music to mainstream music, how does it relate to society as a whole?

Other questions might be: what is expressed in the increased blurring of boundaries between practices; what does it say about music, about underlying economic systems, even about ourselves, that some music is commercially viable and some is not; what is society’s tolerance for the new, is there something anathema about new expressions in “traditional” musical streams; what do we mean by “relevance.”

And in a more practical vein: how can new music practitioners tap into the mainstream; are there alternatives to current commissioning models; what role do venues play; what opportunities open up in a do-it-yourself age.

Should you be there? Yes!

This will be CNMN’s seventh national FORUM, and each one is a valuable opportunity to connect face to face with people from across this great big land who believe in the value of the new music experience and seek to promote this value across Canada: artistic directors, performers, improvisers, composers, educators, presenters, researchers, arts administrators, artist managers, producers, publishers, music lovers and more….Everybody is welcome!

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