Support Letter

Getting to Vancouver

Visiting beautiful British Columbia late January, at a time when it’s usually blistery cold in the other parts of Canada — now that’s a great idea!

But travel is more of an issue for Forum 2012 because it’s a much bigger trip for people from Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario… where most Canadians live. We hope this fact doesn’t discourage people.

Our past 4 national Forums were very exciting and successful, and the project has proven to be a great way to strengthen ties with people in the new music field from coast to coast, to make connections, to hear new ideas and to get new projects off the ground.

Here are a few hints and tips so you don’t break the piggy bank:

  1. There are good airfare rates for the end of January. You’d be surprised what is out there! Get them before they go up in price.
  2. Make use of our new Habitation 2012 billeting project to help save accommodation costs as well as bump up your networking opportunities. Contact Stacey Brown:
  3. For those who have resources to apply to their organization, institution or university for travel or professional development support, we hope you choose Forum 2012 for one of these applications.
  4. You may be eligible for travel funding from your regional or provincial arts council. Don’t be afraid to call them up and ask! Act quickly to be sure you will meet deadlines.
  5. You may be eligible for a travel grant from the Equity Office at the Canada Council. It is for Canadian professional artists or arts professionals with disabil ities or who are from culturally diverse groups (African, Asian, LatinAmerican, Middle Eastern or mixed racial descent). More in formation:

Support Letter

We would like as many people as possible attending Forum 2012.

We are asking as many people as possible, from all areas of music: musicology, performance, music education, music theory, composition, music technology, media arts, interdisciplinary arts, etc.

We can provide the necessary letter of support for your application.

Our Administrative Director, Emily Hall, has a letter prepared. Contact her at any time if you need this letter, personalized with your details —

We also warmly welcome your fellow colleagues — feel free to speak with them or forward this information. If they are new to CNMN, they can get oriented with our bilingual PDF brochure for general information about CNMN.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver this coming January.

Yours truly,

Tim Brady
President — CNMN / RCMN