Habitation 2012

For the first time ever, the CNMN is organizing billeting during our upcoming national Forum, January 19-22, 2012 in Vancouver.

We hope that by offering the option of billeting at the Forum, we not only make the trip to Vancouver more affordable, but, more importantly, we continue to find new ways to bridge the geographical distance of our vast country and bring members of the national new music community closer together.

This billeting experience is a wonderful way to expand your network and cultivate lasting connections. The advantages are numerous, both for those arriving from out of town and benefiting from a local host, and for those hosting guests from places they may someday visit.

We hope to build a sizeable list of billeting hosts and an equally sizeable list of guests to stay with them.

We are seeking assistance in a variety of areas as the planning for Habitation 2012 continues to move forward. There are many different ways to help make this billeting project a success. We invite you to think about how you might be able to get involved. All levels of involvement are of value!

We welcome your participation — please check out the Habitation pages and feel free to contact us.

Contact: Stacey Brown, Billeting Coordinator — CNMN-RCMN_habitation@staceybrown.ca



Why Get Involved

One of the major goals of the Canadian New Music Network is expressed directly in our name: to provide networking opportunities.

Habitation is an exciting opportunity to build your network and get to know others who share your belief that creative music making has importance and value in Canadian society.

To improve communication, understanding and knowledge within the Canadian new music community, we need to multiply opportunities for you to expand your network and create lasting connections with colleagues from coast to coast.

By nature, the billeting experience is a powerful and unique opportunity to cultivate these connections. It’s a wonderful way to meet new people or to strengthen existing relationships.


Spread the Word

Do you know someone who lives in Vancouver who might like to be a host?

Do you know someone who might like to stay with one of our hosts?

Please tell them about Habitation 2012 — thanks!

If you have your own communication resources that you would like to volunteer, if you know of free communication resources in Vancouver, or if you have other ideas…

Please email us — thanks!

Contact: Stacey Brown, Billeting Coordinator — CNMN-RCMN_habitation@staceybrown.ca



Become a Host

We are currently seeking Vancouver hosts to billet attendees of the Forum, arriving in town from across the country.

  1. You live in Vancouver?
  2. You like meeting new people?
  3. You have a spare bed/couch/foamie or mattress on the floor that you could offer to someone travelling to Vancouver to attend the CNMN National Forum 2012, January 19-22, 2012?

YES? That’s great news!

Then YOU are invited to become a host for Habitation 2012!

I’m intrigued! But, what am I getting myself into?

Being a host is as easy as being able to provide your guest with:

  1. A place to sleep
  2. Access to a shower and clean towels
  3. Breakfast (You don’t have to prepare it! Simply have breakfast foods available!)

Hosts are not required to provide transportation to and from the venue (SFU Woodward’s, 149 West Hastings Street). But, we are hoping to find accommodations that are located within reasonable proximity.

This sounds amazing! How do I become a host?

  1. Download the host form (excel file).
  2. Open as read-only and follow the instructions inside the document.
  3. Problems? Email Stacey Brown: CNMN-RCMN_habitation@staceybrown.ca

Seems simple! Are there any perks?

You mean besides getting to know terrific new people and building your cross-country network? Well, YES!

  1. CNMN will provide one free registration to the Forum 2012 for all hosts.
  2. Hosts will receive $10 per day per guest for billeting.

What happens after I send in my form?

  1. The Billeting Coordinator, or designated assistant, will contact all potential hosts by email or by phone in November or early December.
  2. You may be asked some additional questions to confirm details about your accommodations and/or circumstances.
  3. You will be matched with the most suitable guest (s) according to the information you have provided, and you will be contacted as soon as possible with the name (s) and contact information of your guest (s).

Your privacy is very important to us. The information collected will be safeguarded and will not be shared with any other organizations or publicly disseminated. It will be used solely for the purpose of matching hosts and guests for Habitation 2012.